How it is possible that a centennial footwear is leader of Internet?

How it is possible that a centennial footwear is leader of Internet?
28 August

Hello, a long time ago it did not pass me through the blog with an interview to an excellent entrepreneur of Internet, and would want to return to send these micro interviews of the hand of Alberto Bardo, CEO of Comfortable Footwear the Railroad, an entrepreneur who took the original family business from 1870, footwear specialized in footwear for people with problems in the feet, and at present it has been elevated in footwear online marking leader in the sector of this type of footwear in Spain, without forgetting physical footwear of street on foot that still conserves in Madrid.

To the difficulties that a business involves online, it is necessary to add the own ones of the sector: the client type is greater of 60 years and suffers problems in the feet, reason why it is necessary to him in many occasions to prove the footwear before buying it. These two handicaps have not avoided that Alberto Bardo has been able to let grow its business in Internet and that obtains an interesting quota of the market of the orthopaedic footwear online.


Hello Alberto, how it was your first taking of contact with the family business and in what situation was this one when you assumed the responsibility of the same.

Hello Enrique. From small I have had contact with the familiar business since we have lived in the same property of the street Magdalena 22 where we have located our centennial store.

Every day when venia of the school, happened to see mu grandfathers and mother and in my free short whiles lowered and articulated boxes to me and towards labels with numerators that box by box sewed with a stapler.

My grandfathers pass away in 1972 and my mother takes the reins from the business. I around the military service decide to take the control from the store and this is in 1984.

At that time my mother only had that store in Magdalena since the society that had my grandfathers with its brothers had dissolved and the stores of the streets Toledo, great Fuencarral and via, as well as the factory to size already had dissolved.

My mother at that time or began to concentrate in the comfort footwear and previously the commercialization of footwear the more is standardized and or at that time it began to give exhaustion symptoms reason why I decided to firmly bet by those products increasing modelling and looking for new suppliers of greater quality and added value the product, as much in lady as in gentleman and offering lines to dress, sport, anatomical and therapeutic as well as an extensive section of sneakers of house and street with the same characteristics.


Explain a little to us in what moment you began to work online and that done he took to trust to you this platform to present your business. You continue trusting the traditional publicity?

Once I was taking control of more and more products and customer, I began to raise to open new points of sale to him. Then in year 1995 we opened the store of the street Toledo 62 and my brother got up to the business along with my woman and a new worker. Nine years later we opened the store of Bravo Murillo 319 and in this way I made sure 3 good points of sale with which to be able to assure a high volume to me purchases to be able to rotate existence between stores and to improve the trade relation with my suppliers.

With the stores in march I began to worry to present my establishments with the product so specialized that now it arranged and that it did not have to do with which long ago my grandparents and parents had offered. For it I began to soon take part in radio programs and television at local level. This fact reported much new customer to me and with time I was proving other average writings in which I had better and worse results.

In 2002 of by hand of my friend businessman Sergio Carbonell, we began to prepare ours first Web that we centered at first as publicity means so that the customer saw and soon she bought in the physical stores. At that time and one saw as Internet began to blunt and I in that sense saw very clearly that she a posteriori had a very great potential as advertising means and as tool of sale.

Nowadays I have turned upside down completely in the publicity online that is displaced to the traditional one, already leaving only a radio program in which I as only source of pick up of customer outside everything personally take part what it is not Internet.

In the present time we make many things in google, Positioning SEO, mail marketing and campaigns in social networks with very good results after a good purification I have carried out and that nowadays they allow to have me a tool very evaluated to my company although with a high cost that is assumed due to having a powerful page of sale online.


Which has been the trajectory of your business in Internet in a niche of so special market?

The business online has been growing to the same rate that has become popular the use of Internet in between all the social layers and ages.

It shelp at the outset to you that I bet by a Web to publicize to me and that the clients came to me to buy but this lasted three years before one second part with my first shipments and against reimbursement begins by email before the incessant calls and post office that received on the part of the clients who saw me from all the points of Spain.

To the pioneering being and to offer a product very specialized, I have benefitted to know all the pros and cons of this business online and it has positioned to me in the best places successfully to confront new challenges that we have thought for a near future.

At present we have means of reception, shipment and design Web to maintain enters the best ones without forgetting to us to us the traditional commerce in our physical stores, that are the base of our business and from which we can prove and see all the benefits that the different brands and manufactures that commercialized to improve the product and to do it more customized for our customer.

Nowadays has grown much competition and what before it was as a determined product bases finding, now is it, to find it and to the best price. This has made that declares a trade war with Amazón and other portals of sale as standards of the commerce online but that this has caused that every time eliminates the stores which more worse positioned they were and than those that we are from the home with our good products and good differentiation, we continue maintaining to us enters the most appreciated by our customer and therefore marking the tendencies our case, in the world of the comfortable footwear.


Very is different your client online that the one that visits 3 footwear that you have in Madrid?

On this question of the difference of customer between the physical Web and commerces, I can tell you that if we observed that the customer online is younger and demands estilosas things. Also it happens to us that we observed that every day more adults cheer up to buy online and who other so many ask their relatives who visualize products to them later to request them or to come in person to our stores to acquire them.

The social networks are also having much to do and at the time of finding clients who follow and the fact to us to make daily publications of new features and shoes of great demand it serves us to observe the behaviors of our clients before the images and to take many conclusions on if mainly they like more or less certain models.


It is clear that you have generated brand, since many clients who are not of Madrid where you have physical footwear, protest that you open one in each capital of province of the country it is this possible one?

Certainly that with our trajectory and the great publicity that our webpage has given us to national level, more and more and more clients call asking to us for points of sale in their localities of residence. I always have shelp that the shoes for delicate feet would not be due to buy without proving them before. Certainly many clients do not find establishments in their places of residence and for that reason they call to us to see if we can be offered to go in person to buy them.

This fact we did not forget it and for that reason we did not discard to open to More vein points in other regions but everything at the time.

At the moment we are finishing preparing our Web to begin to sell in the rest of the world and once strengthened in this new challenge, we will undertake the extension of our points of sale that could well franquiciando many of them.


That you would recommend given your experience, to emprendedor/a that it wants to initiate its business in Internet has or it does not have physical business.

From my experience in the physical sale as as much online I would recommend any entrepreneur who walks himself by far well-taken care of in which he does. In the first place that studies the market well, secondly that knows where it puts and I have some good knowledge of the business, the capital is most important and is these times you cannot try to undertake funding the manufacturers to you as nowadays they try many. If we are going to sell only online, me much would think it because the competition already is ferocious and yes it would look for new things that still they are not in the mind of all. The publicity is an essential tool and we cannot leave it of side and not to have her and this publicity is necessary to know to manage very well it and for it we will have to resort to good companies that are dedicated to it.

Also at the time of designing the Web, we must look for the best professionals than they do not offer a work of quality to a right price. Not to forget us positioning neither of which the Web is necessary to really refresh them regularly and, that a Web is as to have a physical store and if we phelp a rent with the premises, because a Web has some operating expenseses and publicity that we must consider that it is the rent that we did not pay but that we must have present and not think about making the cost once and not counting on that game for the rest of life of our enterprise project.


Finally, gave something us that you had changed in these years, if you regret to have done something or of it not to have done with your business in Internet.

In order to finish. I tell you that very I am satisfied what my project surrounds online, Everything yet has left as it hoped and it would say better to you that. I have been saying to this because for 15 years nonwise everything what this was going to grow. Nowadays there are means concerning personal designs, tools, photographic studies etc etc that cause that everything is attainable. The customer, the visualization, the answer. It is only the money which limits a project and in my case and with my experience, I have everything hand to continue improving and growing.

The only thing that I can say against is that after 15 years I have happened through hands of many companies and if I had liked to find those that at present to take to my Web the first day to me. I have happened through different agencies and all have not been what I hoped of them in eficiciencia. It is normal on the other hand that pass and as me foot who shelp something to you in which I I was not I content with my project, because this is the unique thing that I can tell you.

With my trajectory, hopefully that everybody only had to complain about this. The important thing is to see the failures and to try them to correct as soon as possible.



Thank you very much Alberto to give a little your time to us, that we know that he is little and that your enterprise vision online we hoped has helped other entrepreneurs as your.



Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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