To see series online in iPad

To see series online in iPad
07 October

If you like to see the last chapters of your favorite series and you want to enjoy them in your iPad, I explain to you simply step by step as being able to see series online in iPad.

UPDATE MAYO 2014: Compatible servers; Allmyvideos, Streamcloud, Videomega and Vidspot.

A way easy and simple to visualize the series that you like more and even films online, is by means of iPad. I use an iPad 2 and for it we do not have to install any app, you can visualize the series/films through Safari, although I usually use for it Google Chrome for iPad.

Once installed Google Chrome or with Safari that or comes installed in iPad, he visits some of these webpages that or you will know for being able to see series online: seriesyonkis, seriespepito or seriesdanko. There are many more webpages, but for this tutorial we will use this Web:   Pepito series

Easy, step by step
By comfort I have used mac and ipad not to create the screenshots and the tutorial, although the procedure is the same in iPad or iPhone.

When you have acceded to the Web of Pepito Series (example) uses the finder that there is above in center and it looks for the series that you wish to see. In the lateral one you will be able to also see the series more seen and ordinates by the title, although I recommend to you that you use the finder, you will go rápid@ more.

It looks for the series in ipad


Once fact this selects to the season and the chapter of the series that you have looked for. In the example we used the series The Wire, the first chapter of the first season.

It selects to the chapter and the season


In this step it is important that selections the button “TO SEE”, choosing only the located ones in the servant of Allmyvideos, I have proven others but iPhone or iPad does not work in, if in portable and tablecloth.

It selects TO SEE in the archives located in Allmyvideos


It will appear a screen of transition where you will have to return to click in Seeing.

It selects TO SEE


ATTENTION with this screen, not to be called on the icon to reproduce or to unload in this false screen, you must click in “Continues to Video”.

to click in “Continues to Video”


Once fact this you will see the screen with an image of the chapter that you want to see, is important that you click in a vane (x) surrounded by a circle that is around a blue button of reproduction. Not to click in reproducing, first looking for the X to close this false reproductive button. The X can be above, down, to the left or right, but always around the blue button.

To click in the X, in the button not to reproduce.


Now if, once done this it leaves a button of reproduction of red color and clicking in begins to reproduce the chapter of the selected series.

To click in the button to reproduce.


Nothing else, I hope that this tutorial you has been of utility to be able to see your series online in iPad or iPhone, for we recommended you to it that you are conectad@ to a network Wifi since bandwidth of your movable device consumes much.

UPDATE MAYO 2014: Compatible servers; Allmyvideos, Streamcloud, Videomega and Vidspot.

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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