If you are not responsive you do not exist

If you are not responsive you do not exist
02 Mayo

It is not a secret for anybody, the movable devices they have become our right hand and they are always there for removing from doubts, to help to us to find what we looked for to us, to orient or to relax to you. Every time we do more and more searches from our mobile or Tablet in Internet, something that is no unnoticed past for the great one of the finders: Google.

It is why the company has decided to modify its algorithm once again and from the past 21 of April all those Webs that do not count on a design responsive or, in Christian, adapted to the movable devices, they will lower his positioning in the results search running the great risk of losing an important visibility, which without a doubt will take to economic repercussions in publicity and presence online.

What for many it is an extreme measurement to others simply does not surprise to us, and is that beyond judging by means of our personal behavior as users of the network, the reality of the statistics of visits to a Web does not lie: a high percentage of visitors who come through their mobiles or tablets exists more and more versus which they continue it doing from the computer. It is not that desktop has died far from it, only that now we have the possibility of being always connected and we did not need for it a computer, an advantage that finally will have to begin to be reflected in the quality of the results that we hoped to find when we used this means for our searches online.

There is no doubt that we must adapt to the new times and to which begins to be a tendency in rise that seems uncontrollable, if you want to follow with life in the world online is essential to be on a par of the decisions that this organization takes.

In spite of all this, the numerous originating visits of the movable devices not always are translated in click to the present publicity in the websites, reason by which some aim that a design responsive could affect the gains that the pages perceive when the users interact with their announcements, perhaps this was one of the reasons for which some simply refused to create a version mobile for their Web. At this moment, and before the uncontrollable change, only have left to wait for we and to see the results in the next months.

The certain thing is Google has decided to give one better experience to the users of its finder, thus forcing to that all those Webs that want to fight by their place adapt once and for all to the searches of those users who have decided to do it everything from their mobile. The integration of apps effectively in the results search is another one of the reasons that the company to dice to justify this change of algorithm that, apparently, to only taken by surprise those who very does not follow close by the movements of this company.

As of this moment they will be the past in those Webs that appear positioned in the first results of Google when looking for with our mobile or Tablet but that, when clicar in them does not count on an amiable and adapted content for those who we decided to sail with another device different from the computer. The moment arrives for unifying criteria and for adapting us to the new forms of behavior of the users, task to which more and more Webs are added following the lineaments of Google.

By all this it is that in Disseny BCN not only we adapted for a time to the era responsive, but we invited all our real and potential clients to that they also make with the purpose of to offer it to his visitors a much more nice experience and a more modern and tedious image without a doubt about its business online. Finally the image, since it is, always sells.

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  • JavierIf you are of that he must much say I only recommend to you to consider the reduced fundamental content due to so large of the screens for example I use computer graphics because it is an excellent form to summarize the publication. Saturday, 06 June 2015 00:40 published by Javier
  • LucianaIn serious taking time to create designs responsive for the movable devices had until now not understood well the codes but I must adapt me to the changes if I want to appear in the searches of san google; ) Friday, 05 June 2015 05:21 published by Luciana
  • MiguelOne was going away to give at some time was obvious by the high demand of reasons, and as all of them exist hundreds of models in the market in the pages Webs do not visualize this correctly causes that the user does not wish to return to the visited site to have a not at all nice experience. Thursday, 04 June 2015 20:09 published by Miguel

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