Answers to entrepreneurs: Franck Scipion

Answers to entrepreneurs: Franck Scipion
09 Dic

I have had the luck to do a series to him of questions to Franck Scipion and that it had to or answering them luxury of details yet, since or it recently did the good one of Álex Navarro. I have used the same questions for both, this way we can value the different great strategies that these gurús of the undertaking online offer to the vocational entrepreneur or the forced one by the circumstances.

Franck Scipion is everything a referring one in the formation of entrepreneurs, creator of Lifestyle To the Squared one, shares through its blog proven strategies, tactics and tools to transform your passion into a business. He does not scrimp details in informing into whichever desire to the month through his services online, which stimulates its followers to follow its steps. You can score at a course free or follow it through Facebook or Twitter.


1ª - Million unemployed, a crisis that has adhered during these years to the commercial system, social and enterprise, Is Internet a firm exit and de futuro for the entrepreneur? What pros and cons we were in the undertaking through Internet?

I do not see another form to leave the crisis that you have drawn very well, that is not with the possibility of undertaking a business. The advantage to undertake a digital business is that the entrance costs are almost null, consequently you do not go away to ruin and you can sharpen your proposal, basically, spending time instead of money and this is a totally new thing.

10 years ago back to mount a business was for an elite, that had the money sufficient to be able to do it. This has changed, the technology allows us all to undertake, but this does not protect to us to fail.

Another one of the advantages to undertake in Internet is that, like in my own case, you can work from your house and to be a unipersonal business.

In my business only I am, I work with other suppliers but mine are not employed and even so I am at the top of a multinational.

That is to say, if you sell knowledge, if you sell virtual services or digital products, you can give your products transparently, throughout the world. I have the luck to have clients in near 30 countries right now and that one is one of the obvious advantages of the digital proposals.

And to finish, I return to the subject of the unipersonal businesses. The technology has as much improved in the last years that, really, are possible to have a system that works 24*7*365 days of the year.

When you are sleeping, when you go away of vacation, people can continue buying your products through the store that you have mounted, in your blog or the Web that you have.

We are really speaking to mount a business and not of a self-employment scheme as it can be the sale of services as freelance where you decide to mint one hour of your time in exchange for a tariff.

This one is a form very valid to gain the life, but when you are not giving the face to your clients, noninvoices. However, right now with the businesses in Internet you can be selling formation online and to dedicate you to another thing, consequently is hour to really mount a business, a system that works without you.


2ª - the business in the network has so many options and variables, is so great, for a person who does not have knowledge and wants to begin in this world which you think that they would have to be his first steps in this world?

Everything begins to mount a blog and to write subjects thinking about a group, that is to say to identify a group of people who have a problem and to speak of this problem, being helped to solve it.

If it beams during a sufficiently long period in this blog, in 3 or 6 months, you will see that you attract this group, because people when has problems, make searches in Google and if you are able to place your pages in the first results of Google, visits will arrive to you.

From the moment in which you have a mounted blog and that you have visits, the normal thing it is that a bidirectional communication settles down, your own users will contact to you by email to make you arrive, complaints, ideas or commentaries and responding all to these questions, you are going to be able to continue publishing contained useful in your blog, which is going to you to assure to continue attracting new visits every month.

And for the services that require more work by your part, you can offer to the people who you yourself DES the service or to train people to develop these abilities and that they themselves can solve the problems that hurt to them more.

Obvious, in these 2 last cases, it is necessary to pay!


3ª - the systems of affiliates flood the network yet type of promises, but we are realistic, It is a system that works of generalized way to live on him or must agree many factors so that he is profitable? What modalities of business you would recommend to an entrepreneur forced by the crisis to be it and to re-invent themselves? You can tell us of that you would not advise by your experience?

I do not believe that it is possible to only live on the marketing of affiliation in a digital proposal.

I believe that if beams this you are going away to transform into networker and, in the end, to pay your invoices you will be forced, of a form or another one, to sell products to your friendly or your network of contacts.

Products that does not need or that you have perhaps not reviewed well, consequently you are gambling your reputation.  

A reputation you can cost years of work to construct it and it is possible to be lost in rather less 5 minutes.

It is to think it 2 times.

The affiliation marketing is an excellent form to diversify the sources of income as long as, which you prescribe are products that you know and you use for years, which allows to give reviews or reviews you to your readers who are to híper excellent for them.

Any project of affiliation marketing where you promote to the Bonzo a pile of supplies of affiliates without knowing them, for me does not have any sense.

To use the blog as a digital platform to perhaps secure visibility and, to obtain leads, or opportunities of business, people who do questions to you by your services and are, by far, the best form to be able to divinely gain the life in Internet.

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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