Answers to entrepreneurs: Álex Navarro

Answers to entrepreneurs: Álex Navarro
02 Dic

Best Álex Navarro is considered one of the SEO than he has in Spain, he takes more than ten years in the world and this year gained an international contest of search engine optimization, whose prize, 3,000 Euros, it completely appointed charities of his locality of residence, Alicante. 

He takes to years forming legions of followers through his blog, where he tells to tricks and own experiences to help to harness our businesses in Internet.

Person of reference for many of which we dedicated ourselves to at sign, has known to conjugate as anybody the creation of contacts online and offline, offering her help to that needs it. He is an expert in search engine optimization, businesses and marketing online, evangelist of dropshiping founded Dropalia and as it does not stop, now is rolling it fat with Quondos. To had kindness to answer some of our questions for this blog.


1 - Million unemployed, a crisis that has adhered during these years to the commercial system, social and enterprise, Is Internet a firm exit and de futuro for the entrepreneur? that pros and cons we were in the undertaking through Internet?

The exit online is the fastest option and reasonable than it exists at the moment. You do not need to pay a rent of the premises, nor reforms… not even you need to buy product stock if you sell through Dropshipping model. Nearly money, you can mount an existence.

If in addition you have the capacity to mount a quality store online and to make a moderately good positioning, it can be a very good option of undertaking. The con is that more and more people are doing it, reason why begin to leave many competitors in the different existing niches.


2 - the business in the network has so many options and variables, is so great, for a person who does not have knowledge and wants to begin in this world as you think that they would have to be his first steps?

Here I cannot obvious be impartial…, score at and learn it everything from zero! jajaja;)
Not… now in serious. I believe that it depends than you want to do online. Perhaps the SEO is a fundamental part. The social networks also. A good knowledge of Wordpress or platforms of Ecommerce (Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce.) never comes bad. All the others or can be externalizar to platforms as


3- The systems of affiliates flood the network yet type of promises, but we are realistic, It is a system that works of generalized way to live on him or must agree many factors so that he is profitable? What modalities of business you would recommend to an entrepreneur forced by the crisis to be it and to re-invent themselves? you can tell us of that you would not advise by your experience?

Adsense and Afiliados used to be some paradises several years ago. But every time it is being put more difficult. Google introduces ties on the one hand, to you and the same platforms of affiliates introduce ties to you by another one. I have changed to the Dropshipping model that consists of mounting stores online some manufacturer and to sell by them through Internet. The good thing of this is that to the manufacturer money does not cost to him (reason why usually accedes) and a time reversal only costs to you to mount and to position the store (plus some small cost as hosting. .etc). Then, each order that the store receives, is sent to him directly to the manufacturer, who is the one who sends the end item to him to the client. We did not need stock, we do not have risk. And in addition, the payment we received it and are the one who we phelp soon to the manufacturer, reason why always have the frying pan by the handle. ;)

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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