In Disseny BCN we are specialistic in marketing online and development Web, reason why our mission is the one to offer to our clients a complete service, that in addition to giving answer to the basic needs of the clients, totally obtains a customized and continued attention of those services that they demand.

Therefore, the services that we offer are the following:

For it, we counted on a professional equipment with a experience from 2003, perfectly specialized in each of our services, that will throughout help and advise the process him work. In addition, from Disseny BCN we counted on the added value to provide formative courses so that the clients learn to manage their webpage and can update the content of independent way.

Disseny BCN comprises of Events Group Marketing, founded and directed by Enrique Camba, group of companies that work from Internet and that offers different services from individuals and professionals, related to marketing online, publicity and events of all type.

We collaborate with

ASDEM - Asocación of women businessmen of Montcada i Reixac

Wikimedia Fundation

ADAC - Association in defense of the animal of Cerdanyola of the Vallès

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