What to consider to create a webpage

What to consider to create a webpage
30 Julio

Internet has become the best form to arrive at our objective public, to extend our market and to be able to reach every time to more people without concerning the geographic location in which they are. But to obtain all that successfully it is fundamental to tell on an effective Web that it serves to harness our brand, business or the idea that we wished to present adequately.

It sounds easy, but us always he is simple to know what to have in account to create a webpage, for that reason from Disseny BCN, design company Web in, we revealed some aspects to you that never you must ignore when at the time of drawing up the first lineaments than, in the future, it will be your page online.

Why you want the Web

Many types of Web exist, but mainly these are designed for:

  • To increase the visibility of your business and of arriving at more public.
  • To contact with real and potential clients.
  • To sell some product or service.
  • To have an informative Web about some sector or niche in particular.
  • A mixture of several intentions, for example a corporative Web with blog including.

Between a corporative Web and a store online many differences exist, for that reason it is fundamental that you know very well what you glide to make with this page to secure the possible most successful.

A powerful name chooses

Once you have determined the use that you will give the page, it is important to choose a good suitable domain that is easy to memorise and for your intention. If the best thing is an enterprise Web is to decide on the name of the organization or something similar, but in the case of blogs or businesses online you do not forget to choose an intuitive name, short and simple. Once you have it verifies that the domain is available, acquires it and also chooses the company of hosting with which you will work. If you do not know nothing about this subject the best thing is to consult in Internet or with a professional about the best services of hosting of the market.

It takes care of the design

Independent of the fact that you are going to design you yourself the Web, that you contract the services of a professional or which you acquire a group, to take care of the design is basic. It is important to create a Web that is clean, with information readily accessible, a typography easy to read and that attractive and it is adapted to the company or business. The internauts wish to accede quickly to the information and value to sail by an aesthetic Web that takes care of the details, for that reason ten these aspects in account.

He establishes the content that you will publish

All the sections that wish that they are online must be previously thought without forgetting important data as the information contact or everything what it is necessary to know according to the type of Web that you glide. For example, in a store online he is indispensable to count on the detailed product description, in a corporative Web the information of the company is basic.

It only includes opportune information

The recharged Webs are not nice at sight and they do not favor amiable navigation, for that reason it only includes opportune information and it leaves a side what it will not be of utility for the visitor. In the case of the corporative Webs, of including a blog section that is frequently updated with the news and information of the sector it is ideal so that Google detects that the Web stays updated, which will favor the positioning.


To make a webpage is not easy, but considering these aspects and counting on the help of a professional equipment he will be very simple. If you do not know by where to begin in Disseny BCN we put it to you very easy, contact and you discover to us how to begin to have presence as soon as possible online.

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