What is and how the Periscope works

What is and how the Periscope works
01 June

A new application is now fashionable than ever: Periscope. The reason? A soccer player so recognized world-wide level as is Gerard Piqué has begun to use it to approach his fans and to cause that the communication is more direct and immediate. But of what this of the Periscope consists? In the post of today of Disseny BCN we are going to discover this new app to you that as much rage is causing at present and that, at the moment, has become one of the most unloaded.


What is Periscope

One is a new application of mobiles that has become all a revolution. It is a tool that is due to associate with an account of Twitter to be able to relay videos in direct at the same moment at which they are taking place. Therefore, it is a new way to communicate last minute with the others of direct, immediate form and causing that the content is always fresh and. It is a revolution in the sector of the technology because it creates something as well as a television channel online with images in rigorous direct.

In addition to the popular use that has given Gerard Piqué him, many people make use of the Pericospe to relay real images of facts that take place in manifestations, in press conferences, congresses, et cetera. Of this form, she is able herself to create an alternative information to the habitual one.


Why it appeared Periscope

The reason by which this application saw the light was because one of its creators (Kayvon Beykpour) was in Turkey during the summer of the 2013 moment at which the multitudinal protests in the Takshim place were carried out. It consulted in Internet and one noticed that there were many commentaries in Twitter exceeds what it was happening but that no television nor mass media relayed what it was happening.

Thus it was as app happened the idea to him to create one that it allowed that any person who had mobile could become reporter and put record of any cause that was happening in the world thanks to its account of Twitter. In March of 2015 this idea reality with the appearance became of the version for iPhone and, two months later, for Android.

At the moment more than 10 million users they record videos in direct and they leave them published in Internet so that any person can see them.


Periscope unloads to you

If you want to be united to this new community of reporters online, you will only have to free unload this application in App Store or in Google Play but you must consider that is essential to have account in Twitter because it is associated of direct form our user.

As soon as you have it unloaded in your movable device, the same app will indicate to you if you have contacts which you follow in Twitter which they also use Periscope and, also, they will give the option you to follow them if you want to be of its new videos and publications in the network.

 To the being an application of videos in direct, you must know that at the most the recordings keep during 24 hours and, later, erase to release the storage space. Therefore, Periscope in time allows a real information that it serves to inform, to give testimony exceeds what it happens and to be able to give another version of the events.

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