Why is the SEO so important?

Why is the SEO so important?
14 Mayo

If you are penetrating with the design of your Webblog or business in Internet is probable that the abbreviations SEO do not sound to you absolutely I am strange, although not always is easy to understand exactly what is and why Web is so tremendously important in the world.

SEO is the abbreviations for Searching Engine Optimization, or in Castilian optimization in the web search engines. Brilliant, the meaning is very clear! , but exactly what means that and what it has to do with my Web? Then the SEO serves to facilitate the positioning of your Web in the main finders online, being emphasized particularly the finder of Google that as already you will know is the one that counts on greater number of users, governing in an important manner what we found at the time of realising our searches in Internet, as Edu Martínez shelp well, the one that was best SEO de España.

If in your business online or Web you ignore optimization in web search engines which will happen is that your page hardly will position and therefore when people do some search related to keywords that they identify to your page you, no matter how hard you count on the information that they need, simply you will not appear in the first places, and as usuary of Google already you will know that is equal not to exist in the network, finally who looks for in the fourth or fifth page of results?

Translated in terms of a physical business, and to facilitate one better understanding of the importance of the practices that favor search engine optimization, not to work the SEO in a Web he is equal to mount a clothes store and not to place to the premises an identifying poster to him where it is possible to be seen, from the distance, that is a clothes store. It is just like not to tell him to that store is ours and that we sell in her quality products, that not to warn of its existence and to have left we hoping to that the buyers guess in question the business and arrive in case single at the same.

In world online, as it happens also with businesses physical, if you do not know to tell him to the finders that you exist it will be very but very difficult that they are able to identify to you, therefore will be still more improbable that a reader or that a real or potential client arrives at your site online of simple and fast form because you have exactly what looks for.

The design of your Web must be thought to favor the SEO, guaranteeing on the basis of the keywords with which it interests to open to you a place to you in the Web, that this page can scale the first places because it contains all the elements that the finders, especially Google, establish as correct and of quality for the readers.

All the present content in your page must be also worked considering the recommendations of Google, that is to say to be 100% original one and not plagiarized of other pages, being of easy reading, to work the keywords or the terms that you wish to position, to offer a information of quality to the reader and one long list of etcéteras that are added to the requirements of this important finder.

Now it is clear why the SEO is so important and why she is one of the best tools to demonstrate than “we existed” in the Web.

But not yet you have nor idea of how causing that your business online is positioned in the finders to achieve the success, then you have arrived at the indicated site because in Disseny BCN we worked to obtain it. Contact and you discover everything to us what we can make by you in the matter of design Web, SEO and generation of content online.

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  • The GiancarlosI have been creating my webpage for 6 months, selvage clothes for children of all the ages. As soon as time the results will be seen if use their service of SEO. Monday, 08 June 2015 01:13 published by the Giancarlos
  • EmilioI want to consult if it can help me in the following thing: it pays to a company so that it designed mipagina Web, but no longer this has active one left luck me, in addition I have several sanctions from google can make the SEO in those conditions or better I begin from zero? Domingo, 07 June 2015 02:20 published by Emilio

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