Webpage of the writer Rosa Ribas

Webpage of the writer Rosa Ribas
12 February

I am very happy for announcing our last work, the official Web of the writer Rosa Ribas. An honor has been everything to develop the website of a writer to who personally I read and itself for a long time.

As each of our projects Web, we make a preliminary study and we looked for an option that fits with the taste of the client and with the type of page that is needed. To the being a Web focused in a writer and her works, we chose to develop to a site with format blog, coverall so that the readers of Rosa Ribas could be abreast of all the new features surroundings to the writer, its works and the black novel, literary sort where Rosa Ribas has become well-known. 

We have used warms up to you clean and elegant, where the corporative red color is present but nonannoying nor it monopolizes our attention. A white bottom, gray tonalities and to compensate the great minimalism of the Web images superiors that accompany the sections by the present time and the blog. Obvious prepared it stops all type of devices: tablets, mobile, portable and tablecloth.

Although the Web has sections of the present time and a personal blog, we want to emphasize the sections related to published works of the author: series, novels, stories, tests and translated works. As a book catalogue we will find all the data of each one of the publications with its own card. For it we have insisted on the usability of the webpage, from the main menu we can go directly to the card of the book that we wish, without having search by the sort, in this way the visitor can directly consult within the Web the book that wishes.

official Web of Rosa Ribas

Also we have incorporated a strategy of related content, by means of tags or key words in each one of the published news and works. Although it is very common in the blogs, in this Web he is very useful when we were in cards of books, in the same cards we can accede to critics, presentations and another information related to the book and published in the Web, to know better the work or to go to a presentation, chats or colloquy on the same.

Finally I want to comment the great deficiency of pages of quality between the professional writers, including many of the calls “mediatic” authors, he is really something who I do not understand, since a good Web of a professional of this means is fundamental to centralize all the vortex of information of its works and their professional life, and to distribute from the Web that information by all it social networks where one is his readers. An excellent way to maintain to your informed good hearing.

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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