Everybody cannot be enterprising

Everybody cannot be enterprising
28 Nov

Everybody cannot be enterprising, that is something that we know all almost, except that persist in being it without having any base for it.

To be enterprising is not only to have a good idea, a good product or a niche of market that to explode, is all that and many more things. To be enterprising is to know how to locate your product or your idea in the possible most visible site, of a simple and direct way.

To be enterprising under the format of micro company, as we began all almost, is to know your business and coverall perfectly, knowledge to sell it. One of the riders of the enterprise apocalypse that has brought the crisis, is that already the client does not come to your company with the simple but effective “mouth - heard”, is your with the different existing tools the one that you must catch the client.

What is what the small entrepreneur needs?

The entrepreneur in addition to be expert of the service/product that offers, to be abreast of the new features of the sector, to have competitive prices, to look kind at the competition, knowledge to grow and to fit his structure, in addition to all this must be excellent commercial as much online one as offline, is in the personal treatment where you can establish the firmest collaborations and the clients who will more recommend you to others. In addition to technician or professional, an entrepreneur must be excellent a commercial one who inspires confidence to the client, who knows to sell his product/service of a clear way. And that, many do not occur account that there is to take it inside or to acquire it with much and good formation.

I always comment that an entrepreneur who wants to subsist at present and to consolidate a at least medium term business, must be as a good cocktail, have some ingredients with compensated proportions, that all of them can obtain:

  • A business with positioning Web or excellent geographic location: 30%
  • Commercial dowries and a good knowledge of the product/service: 20%
  • To have found a niche of market to explode, product or interesting novel service/: 20%
  • Good service, corporative identity, reputation on and offline: 15%
  • Work, hours and working hours, if they must to you explode, that you are you yourself: 15%

There is no space to the luck, it is necessary to work it with hours and the other ingredients, if your you believe in her because I wish that you, luck.

Not everybody bond, finds out lad to you!

That is clear, the majority of small entrepreneurs who decide on a business, independent of their nature, lack several of the ingredients that I have explained previously, the majority of them not even formulate plan of company, that is where they could realize error in advance.

  • Attitude and knowledge. People without impetus, force, spirit, who drag their feet to sell their business between potential clients, with face of pain or pity, without giving confidence and believing in themselves or which they sell. And when they speak do not leave his mouth more than heard truths of, the limitations of their business really do not know or that take in hand. This is certain, I I have seen it and suffered, create to me.

  • Bad location or null presence in finders. In numerous occasions budget has asked for us people who wanted to initiate a new professional stage and to focus their line of business in the world online, but peculiarly with budgets of 300 to 600 Euros for a webpage….We go, that wanted to live on a business online with a laughter budget. If you really want to focus your business within Internet is there where greater it must be your investment and not to scrimp resources within a realistic budget obvious. Realist but not of joke.

    Connoisseur as I am of the local business, proximity, I have seen time and time again as small entrepreneurs persist in opening its businesses in sites where there is commercial weave or passage of potential no clients. They look for the economic premises because they do not want to be spent much in sites with more life, but what they do not occur account is that if needs the entrance of potential clients essentially to subsist, must bet by the premises better located and to forget from second streets without people passage, alleys or returns to the corner. If it is already difficult to subsist with the located good premises, to think that you are going to survive in a narrow street, is of pure ignorance. Later they are thrown of the hairs. He is better to pay 200 or 300 Euros more to the month and that your business is in forward edge that to have to spend the double to you of the difference in publicity so that people know that you are there. Lamentable but certain, all we know cases thus.

  • A business more of the same. Later we have those open a business equal or similar to which there are around and that as soon as they subsist. They do not make a good study of market, do not think about the true needs of the market. They do not specialize, that really is the business that to long means term subsists. There are small entrepreneurs who open equal businesses that other that there is alongside, without occurring to account that these as soon as they survive and that thanks to not having expenses of rent (local own) and taking years, how do will it they with a new structure that to pay? 

    In businesses as much online as offline we found examples of companies that have worked it well and that one of its motors has been the inventiveness, a niche of market to operate, to discover a necessity and to offer an alternative to cover those needs. We know many examples but I would like to name for example to Enjoys your console, from 2005 repairing consoles in his physical store of and online with their webpage, when nobody or almost nobody did, they already were covering that necessity. There are examples to piles, as My Devils as or I spoke you in an occasion, companies that have grown very many thanks to the one impulse or several entrepreneurs with good ideas. Qualified professionals who reunite the suitable ingredients and that have materialized their project in consolidated companies, now already with many employees. 
    It is not easy and all we will not arrive there, but without a good idea certainly no.

    To the heat search different and different local businesses, we found the stores specialized in 2ª hand. Are businesses born to the dawn of the crisis, where the same person can be your product supplier as the potential client. We will see if its proliferation will be as negative as the business of them “I buy gold”, that is in frank decay, I am afrhelp that if although we have arrived to remain enters.

  • To take care of the brand. Another type of entrepreneurs, the minuses, service forgets the client once made the sale/. They do not work the after-sales service, to take care of the client and that this one feels special is fundamental fidelizar it, not to do it is the best way to lose a client who has cost to us to win much. For it we must be very careful with the details, that are what it is shelp as much of nosotr@s online as to local level. He remembers that a displeased client can get to be a great problem in this was of the 2,0, where the information channels control them the consumers and is the entrepreneur the one that dances the music that puts to him. I have seen small businesses that have gone away to resentment not to be abreast of these details, those that are more sensible to these details are the restaurants, to later return to recover the lost image supposes a effort greater than to begin from zero.

  • Perseverance and work, if they must to you explode, at least that is one same one. Later they are those that think that to mount a business it is to throw 8 hours daily and to gain 1500 clean Euros to the month. Really that are them, once with the business in march they awake and they see the world that there is after the country of the wonders, but sometimes already is too late.


It could be writing more and more lines on this subject, the important thing that I want to make clear is that everybody is not enabled to be enterprising as they sell the governmental institutions (to major independent less statistics of unemployed). Although that if, that wants work must invent it.

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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  • HernanHello, excuse that contradicts you in your opinions but I believe that as reader I must say what fodder, we can be enterprising but the majority does not see it in a serious way when they are with an obstacle in the way or are on the verge of losing or money retire of the business is the difference between that is successful and who does not want to be it. I am witness of which companies in Internet having realised a contract with their client, by reasons other people's to their will could not fulfill the agreement but in spite of that they did it giving money were with his word the wise client of the situation well and in spite of that contingency comprometio to continue working with them. Domingo, 07 June 2015 02:17 published by Hernan
  • cristobalThe innovating ideas are highly profitable if you know to operate them, personally to fascinate to penetrate to me in niches of markets in those places are the needs that are not covered by the majority of companies, is important to pay by a good service that offers an effective SEO in that point I agree in investing but estimated. Saturday, 06 June 2015 00:48 published by cristobal
  • Andresthere are much people who badly are informed with respect to as a business in nternet is due to publicize lamentably is taken advantage of by people who offer services without quality which they are not going to have any result in the time. Thursday, 04 June 2015 21:36 published by Andres

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