Business online: to sell time from a webpage - Get Your Time

Business online: to sell time from a webpage - Get Your Time
08 October

Sometimes I discover fantastic businesses online in which the costs are very few and the benefits many, their idea and originality well are presented and the business concept is totally different from which we found habitually in the network.

The one of those businesses online that there am shortage (behind schedule since it arose year past) is the one of Get Your Time, a business online created by the entrepreneur Lucas Gustavo Ordieres of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, proprietor of the Web under the company Get Your Time SL next to other two partners, that sent for the first time in the 2015 on sale “time”. A model of innovating and original business, since usuary and companies they can buy from his webpage, a day or period of passed history, present or totally future, that is to him special or has some historical or excellent relation. And the best thing of everything, totally gives a legal certificate of which the buyer is the proprietor of that acquired date.

As it sounds seems incredible, that somebody has I throw by means of a calendar in a webpage to sell days and that more incredible still, are prepared people to buy those days, being obtained a Title of Property of Time. This certificate totally valid and is acquired before notary, in addition who appeared in the United Nations, it takes already!

The equipment of Get Your Time

According to Daniel Hernández founding Co of Get Your Time “It exists an international agreement by which no country can declare owner of the celestial objects, but does not say anything of the people, and that hollow has been taken advantage of by individuals to demand the property of the Sun and the Moon, for example. In the case of the time, there is not even no a mention in no norm”. Fact which was useful in 2013 the founders of Get Your Time for “demanding” the property of the time.


How work does the purchase of days?

The usuary one only must go to the calendar section and choose a date that it considers opportune: the day of its birth or the one of some loved one, the date of birth or death of an excellent person of present history or famous (singing ones, actors, sportsmen….), the day of your wedding, etc. Once selected the day you can see if he is free, that it is possible to be bought, or already has a proprietor. The days that are free it appears a price, that day is acquired and as of that moment the bought day belongs officially to the user.


The creator of Getyourtime gained 1º prize of emprendores Get Your Time gained 1º prize of emprendores


How much the purchase of days in Get Your T costsIME?

Then it depends on the relevance of the chosen date. The days that are not marked by any moment historical or related to an excellent person of our society, have a price of 15€ (when the price arose the Web was of 4,99€). Those associated days premium to some event can vary of price, some them you can find in the Web in the section “Dates with history”. As a information I will give some numbers to satiate the curiosity of more than one. For example the day of the proclamation of 2ª Republic, the 14 of April of 1931 cost 5,000 €, the birth of Cristiano Ronaldo costs 12,800 € and the one of 5,000 Leonardo da Vinci for example € is, the home of II the World war the 1 of September of 1939 costs 1900 € or the 11 of September of 2001 prophetic day of the attacks of the twin towers of New York costs the 291,000 trifle of €.

The prices of the excellent days seem anecdotal until we realize that many or have been bought, reason why the benefit is diversified, on the one hand in those eccentrics with purchasing power who are able to buy a date indicated by thousands of Euros, and by another one by the users of on foot that buy their day of birth, they give the one of his pair or the one of the day of his wedding or birth of his son. As these days are not excellent, the price of the same since already I have commented is of 15 €. This way normal days purchases of excellent dates are diversified to the sales between the majority dripping of the one and, which are sold less but the benefit is brutal, since the costs (notary, design Web and notification to the UN) already are more than recovered.


I have bought a day of history, now what?

With the purchase of the wished day you receive a Title of Property of the Time, sent by its proprietor Get Your Time (incredible but certain). In the calendar of the time that serves to on sale verify the availability and prices of the days, you can personalize the square of the bought day adding a basic image, even put your name (or anonymous in the case that you do not want that it is known) and an explanatory phrase of because that day is special.

In addition to acquire for same you that day or to #***a-refl mng it to somebody, you can buy certain past excellent days or that she in the future and putting them can be on sale, reselling the day as an investment (if, there is people who are doing it).


Example by day bought in the calendar Web


I want I negotiate equal!

When I was with this business in Internet I shelp myself, how I would have liked that it had happened oneself to me first, since:

  1. It is a business round and original, different from the rest
  2. Almost no cost of maintenance once recovered the initial investment
  3. It has diversification of clients and the purchase decision is varied: birthday, anniversaries, fan of somebody, etc.
  4. It has an immense and nonperishable stock.
  5. You do not need the premises or offices since you can work from house.
  6. You do not require either of personnel, you can take it you yourself.
  7. It is a product that is only sold, you do not have to promote it since the means and blogs (as this) they are in charge to do it by one same one.
  8. You do not have competition, since although he is incredible, your you are the legitimate proprietor of the time ().
  9. It allows you to have long free time, since it does not require a great daily work. It is necessary that it follows? ….


A business online molón, which I would like to know the numbers of business by pure enterprise curiosity, but that as concept of business in the network is for my, really perfect.

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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