What is marketing online?

Marketing online or also call digital marketing, is the way to take advantage of all the advantages that Internet offers us to harness a brand or a business of a more efficient way. In our agency of marketing online of, Disseny BCN. we will help him to achieve the objectives that your business needs, basing us on a oriented system to results optimizing all the resources.

Marketing online in addition to be economic than other advertising tools is most effective and direct, since in the majority of the occasions she is the client who looks for to us, or according to that platforms we directly segmented the market niche that interests to us, increasing to the final conversion and sales.


Design and development Web

The creation and the design of a webpage are still the most important element in the strategy of marketing online of our business. In the Web we unfolded all our services or products, we add the calls to the action, created landing page to facilitate the conversions and coverall, is the main body of our business in Internet, around our Web we move all the threads of the digital marketing of our company. More information here.


Search engine optimization (SEO)

If you do not appear in the first positions you do not exist in Internet. For us it is the most important tool of all, since it is the element triggering factor of which your business in Internet can really work. There are many ways to catch the client, of which it has flow of visits, but are not a Web with the necessary elements for the positioning, will be much more difficult to prevail in the network.

We have tens of cases of absolute success in placing a webpage in the first positions of Google. More information here.


Publicity Google Adwords (SEM)

If you wish to quickly appear in the first positions of searches, you can secure through Google Adwords, platform to it of marketing online of cost by click, you will only pay to Google when they click in your announcement, which has been shown because the user has looked for something related and so your you offer. 

We develop campaigns of publicity in Google Adwords from 2009. More information here.


Writing of contents and corporative blogs

The content is the king, the creation of interesting contents that increase the organic positioning in Google, catch potential clients and improves the reputation online of its company. All this is realised thanks to a good base of content of quality and an integrated blog in the webpage. 


Social networks

Following the market niche some can be used or other social networks. Also following the sector these can be used as tool so that the client trusts more the brand, to catch potential clients, to offer a good after-sales support, etc. You must be where your clients are, of a determined way and that helps to your business in improving your reputation online.

In our agency of marketing online in, Disseny BCN, we created and we managed social networks of authentic leaders of his sector, forming part of his company and offering a professional and fast answer in addition to updating the content related to each of our clients.

In addition to the creation and maintenance of accounts in social networks, we directly developed to advertising campaigns for fanpage of accounts of Facebook, increasing the conversion and catching potential clients thanks to the segmentation of the market, announcing to our clients in the market niches that are to him own. More information here.



We count on other tools of marketing online to increase the number of visits, improves name brand, corporative image and final sales. For it we worked with videos, and-mailing, etc. 

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