A fundamental work

The majority of professionals spends the time to their economic activity and they cannot dedicate it to the maintenance of the webpage, therefore if therefore you wish it to order to us to us of your webpage, although from Disseny BCN, but they ask for it to us, we did not receive no cost by maintenance and in addition, we offer gratuitous formation in all our pages so that she is the client the one that can update it. 

But really you do not have time, you prefer that work takes it some professional or simply you consider that is most advisable, we can be ordered we of the update and maintenance of your webpage, or of precise way or be destined a package of annual hours, your you decide, considering that is very important the maintenance of webpages as we told you next:


Why to maintain the webpage?

It provides information updated in your section of blog or the news, you do not allow that the last excellent information of your business is of several years ago…

Products and Services
To present from the webpage your last products and/or services, that the visitor has the opportunity to know that you can do by him.

Social networks
It ties the update of your website with the social networks, that your page is the center of your company in Internet and which from all the networks move there around his.

It fulfills and to be with the norms of LOPD, LSSI and COOKIES.

Positioning SEO
The update of the site improves the organic positioning search in Google.

Corporative image
An out of phase Web will give a negative image of your company, doing it smaller than it is and favoring to your competition with better corporative image.
A site without updating and out of phase does not offer confidence. The visitor can fear that the company has closed or that cannot give a good service to the client. 

To ask for Information

Basic information on protection of data: The person in charge of the treatment is Enrique Manuel Camba Godoy. The purpose is to manage and to take care of the requests of information and/or consultations that the users of this form of attention to the client send to us. Data to third parties will not be yielded, except legal obligation. It must right to accede, to rectify and to suppress data, as well as other rights. It can consult the additional and detailed information on protection of data in this CONNECTION.