In accordance with the established thing in Art. 10 of Law 34/2002, into 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and Comercio Electrónico (LSSI-CE), one inquires that this Web site is ownership of company DISSENY BCN

Trade name: Enrique Manuel Camba Godoy
Address: C Lleida 29, the premises 14
CIF: 52439387P
Telephone: 936555868
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For the use of the Page the express acceptance of the user of each and every one of the clauses is required that are indicated in the present Legal Warning, as well as of each one of the specific warnings or clauses that settle down for the hiring of certain services, products or use of zones of the Page.

In case of not accepting the clauses settled down in the present Legal Warning, the user will have to abstain to accede and/or to use the services and/or contained make his available in Pagina, coming to leave the same.



The user commits himself not to use the Page for the opposite taking of steps to the laws, the moral, the public order and, generally, to make a use according to the conditions settled down in the present Legal Warning. Also, he commits himself not to realise advertising activities or of commercial exploitation sending messages that use a false identity.

The Company acts exclusively as person in charge of the Page as its lender of an information service on its own services, not becoming responsible for the contents that, in disobedience to the present general conditions, the users could send or publish, being the user the only person in charge of the veracity and legality of the same.

The Company will be able to interrupt the service of the Page that is being used by the user and to solve of immediate way the relation with the user if it detects a use of the Page or anyone of the services that in the same are supplied that it can consider in opposition to the expressed thing in the present Legal Warning



The totality of this Page: text, images, brands, graphs, logos, bellboys, archives of software, combinations of colors, as well as the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of her contents, protégée by the laws is on Intellectual and Industrial Property, being prohibited her reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, safe for personal and deprived use.

DISSENY BCN is a trademark property of the holder of the company, Enrique Camba Godoy.

The Company does not guarantee that the contents are precise or free of error or that the free use of the same by the user does not infringe the rights of third parts. The good or bad use of this page and its contents this under the responsibility of the user.

Also, it is prohibited the reproduction, broadcasting, copy, cession or redifusión, total or partisan, of the information contained in the Page, whatever outside his purpose and the means used for it, without previous authorization of the Company.


The Page can include connections or links to sites of third parties. The pages pertaining to third parties have not been reviewed nor are object of controls on the part of the Company. In any case, the Company could not be considered responsible for the contents of these websites nor for the measures that are adopted regarding their privacy or to the treatment of their personal character data.

The Company recommends the stopped reading of the conditions of use and the policy of privacy of these sites.

In case of being interested in activating a connection to some of the pages of the Company it will have to communicate it, obtaining the express consent to create the connection. The Company reserves the right of opposition to the activation of connections with its website.


The Company remembers the users of legal age, whom they have to his position smaller, than will be of its exclusive responsibility to determine what services and/or contents are nonappropriate for the age of these last ones.

The Company informs to them that software exists that allows to filter and to block the access to certain contents and services, of such form that the parents or tutors, for example, they can decide which are the contents and services of Internet to which the minors can have access and which no.


The Company will not be responsible direct nor subsidiarily for:

The quality of the service, the speed of access, the correct operation neither the availability nor continuity of operation of the Page.

The damages that can be caused in the teams of the user by the use of the Page.

The cases in that a third party, breaking the established safety measures, accedes to the messages or use them for the remission of computer viruses.

The vices and defects of all class of the contents transmitted, spread, stored or put to disposition.

Legality, reliability and utility of the contents that the users transmit with the use of the page or the services in him supplied, as well as either its veracity or exactitude. The Company does not control the use that the users do of the Page, nor guarantees that they do it according to the established thing in the present Legal Warning.

For a reason or purpose declarative and with nonlimiting character, the user will be responsible for:

Of the contents introduced by them, especially of the introduced data and information and envoys to the Company by means of the Page or in the Page.

Of the accomplishment of any type of injurious and/or detrimental illicit action, harmful of rights.

Of the safekeeping of its name of user and password, not having to communicate it third people, in sequence to the avoidance of impersonations of identity or facilitation of nontruthful or incorrect data.


The present Legal Warning is written up in Castilian, and it is put under the effective Spanish legislation. For any type of controversy derived from the use of the services offered or the own contents of the Page the parts, with the acceptance of the established clausulado one in the present Legal Warning will be put under to the Courts and competent Courts of


DISSENY BCN (the Company) informs of the users of the page (the Page) the effective legislation in the matter of protection of personal privacy, character data of the users and secret and security of the personal data.

For it the measures of technical and organizational nature are adopted necessary to guarantee the security of the personal character data contained in the same and to avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which they are exposed.

The facilitated personal data will be including in the registered files, automated manuals or in the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, under ownership of the Company, that will use for the suitable management of the contractual relation.

We informed to him that it can exercise his rights of access, rectification and cancellation by means of communication written directed to the address of the located Company in c LLEIDA 29, the PREMISES 14 - MONTCADA I REIXAC - 08110 (BARCELONA).


The user will be the only person in charge of the veracity of the data facilitated to the Company.

Navigation by the Page leaves as sign direction IP assigned by their supplier of access, these data is only used in order to process statistical data of the Page.

The Company administers its surroundings of servers adequately, having an infrastructure firewall of strict fulfillment. It uses present technologies continuously to make sure that the confidentiality and the privacy of the information it is not it jeopardize.

Plug inclusion ins Social Networks (Facebook)

Our website uses plug-ins of social networks (“plug-ins”) situated in the social network managed by Facebook Inc. in 1601 S. California Bird, Palo Alto, CA 94304, EE.UU. Plug-ins is recognizable because they have the logo of Facebook or by the text “Plug-in of the social network Facebook”.

When the user visits a webpage of our site that contains this button, his navigator will settle down a direct connection with the servers of Facebook. The content of plug-in is passed on directly from Facebook to its navigator and from the navigator it gets up itself to the webpage. So that we do not have any control on the traffic of data that Facebook, with the help of this plug-in, compiles and, according to it consists to us, we informed to the users of the platform into twago of which:

With the integration of plug-in, Facebook has the news that the user has visited a page of our website. If the user is authenticated as member of Facebook, Facebook can associate its visit to its account of Facebook. If it interacts with plug-ins, for example, to click in the button “I like” or if a commentary raises, the corresponding information of the navigator of the user will be transmitted directly to Facebook and there it will be stored. If the user is not member of Facebook, he fits, however, the possibility that Facebook detects its direction IP and stores it.

In order to obtain more data on the purpose and the reach of the processing and data summary later and use that Facebook does of them, as well as of the rights of the user in this scope and the different configurations for the protection from the privacy of the users, it visits the page of Facebook on his policy of privacy.

If the user is member of Facebook and he does not wish that Facebook collects data exceeds he through our website tying them with the data that, as member of Facebook, this company already has stored, will have, before visiting our page, desautentificar themselves of the account of Facebook.



The present Legal Warning is written up in Castilian, and it is put under the effective Spanish legislation. For any type of controversy derived from the use of the services offered or the own contents of the Page the parts, with the acceptance of the established clausulado one in the present Legal Warning will be put under to the Courts and competent Courts of Cerdanyola of the Vallès.

To ask for Information

Basic information on protection of data: The person in charge of the treatment is Enrique Manuel Camba Godoy. The purpose is to manage and to take care of the requests of information and/or consultations that the users of this form of attention to the client send to us. Data to third parties will not be yielded, except legal obligation. It must right to accede, to rectify and to suppress data, as well as other rights. It can consult the additional and detailed information on protection of data in this CONNECTION.