Nowadays only they have work who is able to invent it

Nowadays only they have work who is able to invent it
17 October

The technology has caused many changes in the last years: we understand and we carried out our work of a completely different form.

We can say that the adaptation to the change comprises of the new labor culture. The speed with that the advances in the world of the technology follow one another determines that professional of different scopes they must be able to re-invent itself time and time again.

To this technological revolution another labor and social revolution is added, product, partly, of the deep change of mentality that international the economic crisis has forced to many companies and workers to take to end.

This new labor situation makes us think that companies offering uses are scarce nowadays, and will follow therefore an indefinite time. Reason why all immersed person in her labor age has herself to raise two situations: first it is that I offer to him to a company so that it wants to contract to me (to offer talent), or the second option that work I can be invented and to be competitive, that is to say the undertaking or self-employment. And of there the title of this post: today the one only has work that is able to invent it.

The companies receive thousands of curriculum to the day, and with people with much formation, but what they are looking for they are profiles that something contributes to them. Professionals with initiative that says to the companies to them, if we do this, you will obtain this benefit.

The “stability” appears mainly as “a passed” concept, and not only as value opposed to the instability that generates an uncertain economic panorama as the present one, but also and for being consequence of “the safe” birth of a changeable society which it makes difficult the creation of rigid structures and.

Now we must be asked, really so is negative that change or entails certain advantages? Without a doubt, there are some positive trends that this “earthquake” has made arise, as the fact that have appeared new flexible models and some systems of work have been reformulated that we considered unremovable. Now the structures are questionable and the mentality more is opened and flexible, values that favor the innovation.

To stop of the comfort and to bet by a new form to understand the labor routine cause the creativity and serve to open new routes in the development of any activity.

On the other hand, before a panorama in which the security seems not to exist, they are many the people who have granted themselves the opportunity to create and to develop their own project. The present difficulties and the hard conditions in are forced to work many individuals also have generated new and productive forms of collaboration. The relations are not net “commercial” but diverse profiles bet by the interchange of knowledge and the collaboration to generate professional networks able to offer global services to their potential clients. 

In this new era, the centers of coworking are having a pioneering paper. Thanks to the collaborationist tendency that from these organizations is tried to foment, self-employment no longer entails necessarily isolation and competitiveness, but it is possible to work independently in enriching surroundings in which to be related to different profiles and to generate synergies to create collective projects.

A decisive step for a wished change: that instead of “search the life to us” we can create it in accordance with our dreams.


Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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