In Disseny BCN we counted on an equipment undergone in the development of campaigns of publicity of Google Adwords, formed mainly through the actual classes that the own company of Google in the city of organizes for years and have the accreditation of Google Partners for the development of campaigns of Google Adwords.

The publicity online as which Google offers, is a fast way to appear in the first positions in Google without the Web must be positioned well of organic way. For it we destined a daily budget, we made campaigns, groups of announcements, announcements and key words so that your publicity appears as soon as possible. The procedure is similar, saving many distances, to a fish market, where each keyword that we put in the campaigns is similar to fish trays with which we bid up. When a user looks for something in Google, introduces those key words in the finder and they appear the announcements. Only when the user does click in them is cost for the advertiser.

Google usually publicizes that any person can develop campaigns of Google Adwords, makes think that it is very easy, and seemingly seems to be thus, but it is not it. Adwords can get to be a great hole in the pocket of any entrepreneur. The great amount of variables to consider, causes that many companies can lose money through this platform quickly. From Disseny BCN as it gets hold of credited to Google Partners we recommended to him that the campaigns of Adwords always are developed of a professional. You gamble your money.

Campaigns from 0

Adwords, is mainly a statistical tool that the information of the user with respect to the announcements uses and key words that we used. As any statistical base, which we are doing over the years is to be outlining it more and more, reason why we are reducing the cost of the key words, to improve the answers of the visits, to reduce the costs and to increase the conversions of sales. Therefore usually we ask to use Google Adwords a minimum of 2 months, in first instance to evaluate that Adwords can be a great ally for your business and if is thus, to be constantly improving the ROI of the publicity online.

We can create the campaigns from 0, without the need that the client has created no other previously. 


Re design of SEM campaigns

In many occasions we received clients who or have made the campaigns by themselves (ERROR) or come from other agencies that have not been able or known to remove benefit to the investment in click. 

In Disseny BCN we reviewed and re we designed campaigns of Google Adwords SEM, reducing the monthly cost, improving the results and obtaining a valuable benefit for the client. For it we used a strategy of 4 steps.


Step by step in Google Adwords

1º Step - Analysis Web

  • We review the site of the client.
  • Usability of the webpage.
  • Structure of URL's.
  • Key words.
  • Calls to the action (call to action).

2º Step - Comparative of the market

We identify the strategy of payment by click (PPC) more adapted for your business, analyzing the competition and the present market.

3º Step - Strategy and Creation

Once verified the site, identified the suitable key words for your business, we come to create a strategy and creation of the SEM publicity.

  • Geographic direction, schedules, languages.
  • Adjustment of you bid up by click and daily budget.
  • Creation of categories of announcements.
  • Thematic creation of groups of announcements by/similarity of services.
  • Writing of announcements and selection of landings page.
  • Selection of negative key words and.
  • Pursuit of conversions of sales/contacts to measure the ROI.

4º Step - Revision and maintenance

The creation of the publicity in Google Adwords is insufficient. In order to reduce the costs and to increase the benefits we must take a pursuit of the publicity to go more and more polishing it and to improve of constant way the results. For it we reviewed the conversions, negative key words, words, click, CTR, changed the announcements that less turn by others, etc. Everything with the purpose of to improve its results through this fantastic tool of marketing online.

To ask for Information

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