Google Adwords to harness our Web

Google Adwords to harness our Web
07 Julio

Internet is one of the most powerful tools to give visibility to our brand or business, to increase our portfolio of real clients and also to approach us a public who, of another way, never would possibly have gotten to know us. We did not doubt his effectiveness, but also it is certain that to prevail in the world online it is essential to suitably operate all the tools that we have to our reach.

To secure an organic positioning that it allows us to not always reach the first places in Google is easy, and following the sector in which we are it even can be a capital challenge. For this reason, as or we spoke in the micro interview with Ramón Fabregat, Google Adwords or what also it is known as SEM positioning, she is one of the best tools to do than our business reaches the first positions by means of the purchase of advertising spaces within this finder.

The campaigns in Google Adwords have become a very effective alternative when they are carried out with intelligence, and is that in these cases the strategy never even can be left to a side because it is necessary to design effective campaigns, with attractive keywords that the user can look for and that directly our brand or business is related to. It is not simply tried to pay to announce but to do it of so strategic way that this allows us to obtain visits to our Web and to thus increase our visibility.

If not taken to end adequately, the campaigns of Google Adwords can become a cost of money that does not offer any return, reason why turns out essential to consider some aspects before initiating them:

  • To identify of clear form the keywords that they identify to our business and that the user could look for.
  • To analyze to the competition to evaluate its strategies.
  • To find the form of payment by click that better adapts our type of business to avoid to waste money.
  • To establish the public at whom we wished to arrive considering aspects as the geographic zone in which they are, the schedule and the language in which we must realise the campaign.
  • To choose the type of announcements adapted for each keyword, service or geographic zone. In addition it is important to draw up a daily budget that he is real and agreed to our goals.

All these tasks require of a previous knowledge of the market in which our type of business moves, than also look for the users which they could become real clients later and of the way in which the competition behaves. To do it without having the knowledge could generate an economic risk that we do not want to run, and is that in the same way that you would not campaign advertising in television without telling on the help of a professional, thus either it does not agree to venture itself to use SEM without knowledge.

Nevertheless, developed adequately and after a meticulous previous analysis, the campaigns of Google Adwords are a powerful tool that agrees to consider to do to us with a good position in this finder you lie we tried to reinforce SEO aspects that help us to reach so coveted organic positioning.

It is clear that to secure the success in Internet it will never depend on an only strategy but on several applied solutions altogether, for that reason the SEM campaigns are an alternative than we can have in the sight, along with other strategies to gain clicks, that help us to optimize our visibility and to obtain more visits in our Web.

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