Google Academies in 2016

Ramón Fabregat in the heat of works Ramón Fabregat in the heat of works
17 February


A year we have gone more to Google Academies in Barcelona, as already it happened in editions of 2012 and 2014, this year 2016 touched Google Academies, to bring up to date themselves at present of Adwords and to renew the certifications of knowledge to continue being Google Partner.

In this occasion the formation was developed in the facilities of the Ajuntament ofBarcelona Activa, in carrer Llacuna, next to Glòries, anything that to indicate on the matter, perhaps that to enter and to leave the seats you had to make wonders.

As always the concurrence mainly marketeros online and compatible specimens, we went with desire to learn something new and interesting, always betas. That did not fill as other times was my impression, although the room cannot be shelp that she was empty.

The academies to which we went part of the equipment of Disseny BCN were those of Fundamentals, to know the fundamental elements Adwords, Monday 15 and Tuesdays 16 of February have been realised between. 24 and 25 of February will touch those of Advanced Search, to even realise when I write this article, where it is deepened in the Publicity in Searches.

At present the two can be realised formation actual before mentioned, in addition to the one of Google Analytics, Publicity in Mobiles and Publicity in Shopping for other dates in.

In order to arrive to be Partner de Google one asks for things among others, to have the approved examination of Fundamentals and some of the specific examinations of Adwords as those of Publicity of Video and Publicity in Display, or the mentioned ones of Mobiles, Shopping or Google Analytics. Every year you must be examined to verify your knowledge and to continue being Google Partner.

Any SEM agency that is lent, must be of the new features that day to day to us this made called tool Adwords offers. And for it that better than a good professional who explains to us of which she goes…


Ramón Fabregat, again!

And as always in the city of, the great Ramón Fabregat, to which we could few years interview in this blog and of ago which ALWAYS, ALWAYS, things are learned. Who does not meet this character, she is only possible to say that he is one of best the SEM of the peninsula, CEO of his own agency of marketing onlineWeb Service Manager, Top Contributor in the forums of Google Adwords, Google Regional Trainer and obvious, Google Partner. As it is logical, he is a type with many knowledge but the element differential is speech, the form of how it gives cane of the good one, as it likes to say, to the concurrence speaking of CTR, CPC, CPM, CPA or any thing with the letter C that the great G is invented.

One does not occur them of ready and when something does not know, it says it, something that him honour. Ramón Fabregat is the type of person to whom one admires and tries to imitate at professional level, by its coherence and transparency. In addition, always he has a good phrase or catchphrase that I can rob and use to improve “the conversions” facing our clients, already only for that reason he is worth the trouble to go to see Fabregat in action.

But, why to use a professional with its own agency to realise the formation to other professionals, and not to use the own ones whom Google has? they aren't qualified? He is not that, is very easy: confidence, empathy and knowledge of the sector.

Confidence: it is easier that we trust another professional as whom we went as participants and who in addition are to winner, I also want to be to winner! that with that works directly in list to full of Google, you go with the fly of “a to see that sells this one to me…”. They are still courses in which they form to us as commercial of the Adwords product in addition to managers of the same.

Empathy: they are professional qualified that gives off good roll and with which the empathy goes off to us, we want them as a osito of mimosín, in addition they answer all our questions with much left hand and a smile in the lips, be hoped can more? thanks Ramon!

Knowledge of the sector: they have our same scars, they also direct agencies and they undergo in its meats the same problems that we have or that we in the day to day of marketing can have, reason why they understand to us, they speak the same language and they can give advice us (and Ramon does) of how facing to us before different professional situations related to SEM.

The Academies, why?

Every year there are new features in Adwords, they are an alive tool in which they are added more and more elements, sharpening the machine as one of the best advertising systems of the world, or the best one. If you are not you do not take advantage of the possibilities that Google can offer to you, improving your knowledge in the tool, in addition to taking information practical from the academies and to use them in active clients, providing an added value to the accounts of our clients, improving its results and polishing every time better the campaigns and the ROI. 

Ramón Fabregat always takes leave of the Academies asking if to the room is somebody has learned something in the actual course, insisting to raise the hand all those that if they have done it, the number of raised hands surpasses 95% of the concurrence, always, but the 100%.

Not only he is to improve in knowledge of Adwords, to ask things the rapporteur that of another way you would have to do it in the forums of Google, to learn elements with which to improve the accounts of your clients, to know frikis as your which the same or very similar things is dedicated to and to create synergies with them, to learn new tools related somehow to marketing online. In summary: to learn, since we are always betas, if you have the opportunity, you do not lose them to you.


Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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