Google Academies in 2014

Google Academies in 2014
08 February

As I had occasion in 2012 and that I explained in that occasion, I have returned to have the opportunity to attend a new event of Google Academies in 2014, where you have the opportunity to acquire knowledge around the advertising platform number one of Internet, Google Adwords.

To the salary gone to two events of this type, inevitably you fall in the comparison and in this case they are odious, since the used times, exposition and objectives differ much to each other.


Directed mainly to professionals.

If you are a professional of @rroba, work for an agency or you want to comprise of this world, you must attend Google Academies.

This year the tour is directed although without exclusions to the professionals or who want to be it. Against how it was in 2012 where the day was only of 1 day, divided in the morning in basic concepts and in the evening in advanced, present the Google Academies that is becoming in consists as much of 2 days of morning as of behind schedule for the basic concepts, days 5 and 6 of February, and other 2 days to day it is incumbent on for advanced knowledge, 19 and 20 of February.

We have happened of 1 day to 4, but where the interest of Google is seen create good professionals (and because not to say it, commercial that they sell its advertising product) is that after finalizing courses either the opportunity offers to be examined and to take a great step to choose to the official certificate of Google Partners. In addition to commercial they want that these know perfectly as working with their tools and removing the maximum party to them. If she is a trained good professional who develops a campaign in Google Adwords, there are more possibilities than the final client, the one that pays by click, receives elevated percent of conversion somewhat more and trust more the platform for his campaigns you would publicize. Another commercial genius of those of Mountain View.


The event is being developed in 22@ of (it is becoming because while I write this article even is the course of advanced knowledge), concretely in the main room of the MediaTic building, that although it fulfills all the needs for an event of this type, very has a reduced gauging if we compared it with the one of 2012 offered in the CCCB of. I believe that in this edition it has remained small before the great amount of people who we met there, very jammed I must say.

The rapporteur

The formation is taking it to I dig Ramón Fabregat, one of these gurús that prevail in their private enterprise and that Google clocks on and off wisely, it turns them into special partners for events, forums, acts and as people to whom to consult and to inform on new features surroundings to the platform which they are reference. Somewhat of the same I have seen it in other great professionals in SEO, You please, etc. The same of Google.

I passed it to me brilliant and I learned very many with Ramón Fabregat, although with Sergio Falcón, the 2012 rapporteur with which I even amused myself more if it digs since their dowries of showman still more are developed, has been with Fabregat with which I have learned more by far, obvious by the number of distributed hours and because since there am this year Google Academies gives the impression me that has insisted on the professional more than in the final client.

This year the room was reduced more reason why it has helped that Ramon answered tens and tens of questions of the assistants (thank you very much to answer mine), more than one with the unsatisfactory answer “depends”, but argued always well. The duration of the event also has helped so that Ramon never left a question without answer.

Another one of the things that I have liked of the rapporteur is the sincerity, if there were something did not know simply shelp it, many of these questions were not directly on Adwords, but it pleases to me very many that a professional of such caliber accepts, assumes and says in public who does not know to respond with authority on a concrete question. This is something that enchants, since always we are betas and that no matter how much we know a subject we are more and more ignorant in many others, I to me I think at least I took root, and I felt identified with the rapporteur. Exceeded and vain I have known one or two, in other courses that were not of Adwords, is pleasant to find rapporteurs as Ramón Fabregat.

Special mention I must do of the tricks that gave us to all the assistants, as much in the preparation of the campaigns as in the form to direct us as professionals of adwords to our clients. The hat is necessary to take off, did not appear in the documentation of the course but Ramón Fabregat gave its experience and advanced knowledge to us, that noncomplicated.



Since or I did in 2012 I return to do it in 2014, I recommend you that if you have the possibility of attending a course adwords of Google Academies not you you lose it, you will learn very many and although controls the subject or or you are to partner official, always you learn new things of the hand of these professionals or of, because not to say it, who we attended this type of events, the feedback who is generated is very positive.

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