Google Academies in 2012

Google Academies in 2012
18 October

Today I have attended a communication of Google titled Adwords Google Academies in the CCCB of, organized by own the Google, that this crossing all the country with professionals of the matter to stimulate the use of its advertising platform.

The today day was divides rather in two parts, by levels, first of her of initiation, where professional businessmen and individuals were majority and as soon as a 30%, and one second part already in the evening with a higher level of Adwords. By personal subjects I have only been able to attend in the morning, but it was worth the trouble.

The communication of initiation to a Adwords campaign has been carried out by Sergio Falcón, everything an expert in the matter. One noticed that Sergio was not the first communication that towards on the matter, I like although I put a pair to him of you beat.

During the chat he did participates to the presents and I had the pleasure to contradict to him in one of his affirmations, poor man of my. Everything was originated when one of the presents I ask if serious interesting to add a mailing dress to him in the Adwords announcements when it was a store online to improve the announcement, Sergio told him that he was not excellent. According to my opinion any ecommerce must have a section where it appears the direction coverall if it has physical establishment, that furthermore that is store online, not only in the legal warning where it is obligatory by law to inform that is the proprietor of the site and the direction of the same. I create sincerely that when we put of a very present way a mailing dress in the site, the visitor of the store online has but confidence in the same and buys much more. This can also be extrapolated in the Adwords campaigns, if we put the direction of the proprietor of the site will be but easy that people click in the announcement since we are giving a “false security him”. Sergio was not in agreement with me since he had proven it and as soon as he had noticed differences, those were his words. Surely he is right since he is the expert in SEM and I a poor devil of the SEO, thus I am the thing.

Throughout the communication I arrive the turn at the subject from the pursuit from conversions, of which I tapeworm and itself having some doubts. It wanted to take advantage of the situation and to ask Sergio, but it shelp that to nontapeworm time to me that later could make the question if there were time. Minutes later other assistants did several questions to him that answered without problems. Or I remain with my face or simply I manage bad the times. I believe that a little the two things but coverall second, since last the 20 minutes she gave as much agenda as in the 40 previous minutes.

In summary, I like the communication and as I take it Sergio, in spite of “the happened thing between us”, I remembered and I updated information of other than I attended three years ago in a commerce camera, I amused myself and I learned, although to be sincere she would have done it more during afternoon, since in the morning almost all he was to me well-known.

After the intervention of Sergio Falcón a person of the equipment of Google Engage remained with which we dedicated ourselves to this of the key, and I explain to us that she was and as worked the Engage accounts for professionals. Memory its name but did not comprise of the equipment of Google Engage in Madrid, although the information that offered very interesting era to us its intervention did not finish liking I.

I recommend to you that if Google Academies approaches by your city you do not fail to take advantage of the opportunity to extend knowledge, you can use them in your professional projects or in any case to learn, that are the important thing.

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