It interviews Ramón Fabregat

It interviews Ramón Fabregat
09 Abr

As I already had occasion with the SEO Álex Navarro and with the training one of entrepreneurs Franck Scipion, I have had the privilege to interview for this blog to another one of these cracks of at sign of which as much we must learn, Ramón Fabregat. This way I want to offer to the reader different points of view to harness its business through Internet.

Ramón Fabregat is CEO of Web Service Manager, Top Contributor in the forums of Google Adwords, Google Regional Trainer and Google Partner, we go a cane! , everything a referring one to national level as far as the publicity of Google. 

All the presents we had the luck of which outside our training one in past the Google Academies developed in, as I already could explain in this article, and already then it seemed to me outside series by his knowledge and the form in which it taught to us during the 4 days that the course lasted. She is the typical person who is worth the trouble to listen, with that it is pleasant to learn and it would desire to go to you of canes with him. 

During Google Academies I could take brilliant phrases from his speech, as the following:

  • When something is free, the product you are.
  • The client does not buy what she does not understand.
  • It tell me whatever you segment and I will tell you as you turn.
  • Greatest one does not eat the boy, is fastest who eats it everything.
  • The SEO is the marathon where in the middle of the race they change the rules to you
  • What says a SEM to him to a SEO? the SEO is for poor men. That answers the SEO to him? SEM is for vague.

And thus a good number of brilliant phrases of this great training consultant and specialized and certificate of Google Adwords. I do not know if they are of its responsibility, but hope that type does not acquire commission by them the SGAE, since I have become mine some of these phrases.

If you want to follow Ramón Fabregat I recommend the Youtube channel to you that it has next to the another great SEM, my Enrique namesake of the Valley, where they speak as not on Adwords, the channel is SEM Project. Super Recommended!


Million unemployed, a crisis that has adhered during these years to the commercial system, social and enterprise, Is Google Adwords a viable tool for the economic sustainability or the growth of a business of local or national scope?

I believe firmly that IF.

Google Adwords approaches the consumer the producer and causes that the commercial chain lowers its costs. Google Adwords does more efficient and I PRACTICE to the commercial system of the country, and it reverts in competitiveness and prices. Impelling the economy, or local, national or international.
Although, we are clear, not only Google Adwords, is going to remove to us from this crisis…, is necessary to have a good product/service, a good plan of business and of working, of working and of working.

What you would advise to a SME that wants to begin to work with the publicity of Google.

Here there are 2 ways:

That it learns to handle the same the tool, although that will take to long time (time is money) and the results to him will not accompany until after a time that is generally more than the planned one.

The second:
That it worked with professionals.
The results will arrive faster.
In that sense that looks for the seal GOOGLE PARTNER, since otherwise, it can be with few guarantees on watch.
With GOOGLE PARTNER, it has the certainty that at least the professional whom she has ahead, works with a minimum of good practices and experience.

In the end it is a question of time and resource management. But a business depends on its commercialization online, I recommend warmly that the management is professionalized, or Really learning the own SME to manage its Adwords account (investment in time and money) or that the management takes it a professional.

It goes to them the future of his project, think into the hands of that they leave it.

In addition to Google Adwords, that other effective systems you would recommend to present a business or company in Internet?

The positioning system SEO and the social networks.
I like much Linkedin for B2B.

And it forgot to me GOOGLE MAPS /PLACES/ G+ that stops local businesses can be a very valid option if it is managed well.

Both we thought that to present your business in Internet you must have time or money, but situémonos in a very common case of businessmen, independent and enterprising (that after all is the same) that they do not have time because they dedicate it of intense way to survive in its sector and they either do not have a great quantity of bottoms destined to marketing online. What you could recommend in that case?

It would do the following question to them:
If they answer that an agency, then, they must be conscious that they must budget a part of investment for the management of Adwords.
If they answer that they themselves take it, then I ask to them if they have time to learn adwords.
Obvious time they do not have (of that never it has in these cases)…
There are professionals whom nearly money manages accounts of adwords, however, there are to be conscious that the quantitative service (that not the qualitative one), is in proportion.
But in this type of campaigns the inventiveness, originality, “to remove from where it does not have”, that is an enterprising characteristic, are also applied and can give very good results with little inverted money. 

A question that already I know the answer but that the reader perhaps does not know it, it serves SEM for the SEO? , or in other words, does the publicity in Google Adwords serve to improve the organic positioning in Google?

The answer is…. No.

It is that they have told me that…. NO
It is that I have read that…. NO
It is that if Adwords beams you have more visits, etc, etc….if clearly, just as a campaign of television, radio, it presses, or flyers….and on that there is no debate, therefore, no.

Is the question… is Adwords a tactical SEO?
NO, fully no.

Adwords does not serve to improve the SEO.

But, the other way around ..... IT SERVES the SEO FOR ADWORDS?
Fully IF!

Finally I do not want to take leave without a badness, What percentage of approved answers you obtained advanced examination of Adwords in the last to be Google Partner?

In the last examination I removed a 92%.
You must have asked my advanced note in the first one that I did jajajaja.

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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  • JoshuaWhichever new things I learn with the teacher Ramon, has left made an impression with the experience that she has in handling the Adwords. Saturday, 06 June 2015 01:05 published by Joshua
  • MartinI do not have time to learn to handle Adwords I am all day directing and supervising to the people position. It engages some programmers so that they are in charge of the publicity that if I review the statistics to know if this being reason why payment. Thursday, 04 June 2015 23:33 published by Martin

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