Dropbox and Cobian, backup copies in the cloud free

Dropbox and Cobian, backup copies in the cloud free
22 Nov

The best thing than has the good technology is that as soon as tests you think it what since you have been able to live before without her, succeeded me in 2011 to Dropbox and concept of the cloud, me it has returned to happen now with Cobian, or rather, with the perfect union of the space in the cloud Dropbox and the gratuitous program to make Cobian backup copies. With both systems working we can make backup copies in the cloud free!

Dropbox and the Cloud

I sincerely create that to bet by the cloud as tool to share the information he is essential for companies, independent and SMEs, without counting the multitude of virtues that can be found for schools, students (accomplishment of works in equipment), etc.

Who does not know Dropbox already? registering to you here you obtain 2 GB of gratuitous space in the servers of Dropbox, although you have possibility of acquiring more space (up to 200 GB) by an annual cost or can recommend it to your friendly and enjoy up to 16 GB free. Its integration in your Windows or Mac is so brutal that seemingly it works as a folder of your documents.


Backup copies with Cobian

Later we have Cobian, an exceptional tool, in Castilian and, free better impossible. You can unload here and is a program only for Windows/PC surroundings.

With Cobian you can program backup copies of archives or whole folders of your PC and that keeps in units as pendrives, extraibles hard disks and the best thing of everything, in your Dropbox. You will be able to only form the program in such a way that it makes backup copies of all the content of some concrete folders, or of the archives that you have modified from the last backup copy which you made to some folders, or of the last archives that you have kept in those folders. As you read, a very intelligent use occurs him to this software, we can program backups automatic of the content that we wish, forming it of a simple and intuitive way.

In addition you can program that these backup copies become of daily way, weekly, monthly, to some concrete hours, manually, automatically, when you want, you elijes when you want that the backup copy takes place, although you are not present, makes Cobian by you automatically.

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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