Disseny BCN attends Barna Encendida 2016

Disseny BCN attends Barna Encendida 2016
27 October

The past 26 of October we could attend one of the most excellent events of marketing online that are developed in, the Barna Encendida 2016 sponsored by SiteGround a company of hosting specialized in CMS.

Within our beta policy “always” we took advantage of all type events as the one of Barna Encendida to learn of the experience and knowledge of great experts in marketing and strategy online.

These were the experts and their communications:

Fernando Tellado and branded content

Bloguer, disseminator, creator of WordPress Help and also writer, is a recognized member of the WordPress Community and administrator of Wordpress Spain. In the event this time did not speak to us of WordPress, but of branded content, an funny and instructive way as in him he is habitual. Very very recommendable.


Jose Conti and the social average

Another specialist in WordPress and social networks who spoke to us of this one last one and of the importance of knowing how to remove all the potential from the networks.


Jose Ramón Padrón and hosting

Country manager of SiteGround, the sponsor, sold the motorcycle to us of the company well in which it works and really as a result of the event we have put ourselves in touch with its company. It seems that it did well his work, no?


Joan Boluda and membership sites

Interesting contribution of Joan Boluda, training specialized in marketing online and CEO of its own platform of courses online of marketing and development Web. I speak to us of a subject of which he is one of the great experts of the country, membership sites. Its cap enchanted to me already and where it bought it:)


Joan Artes and the optimization mobile

Another excellent figure of the WordPress community spoke to us of technical elements related to the optimization of the sites in mobile.


Fernando Muñoz and SEO ONPAGE

One of the main reasons for which we attended the event, although soon we realized that deserved much the pain by the rest of rapporteurs. Best Fernando Muñoz is one of the SEO's of the most outstanding Spain and of Andalusia. We really did not learn anything new than one is due to do in onpage, although he confirmed to us of which what we do as far as SEO Onpage is the correct thing, was a great contribution and to only see him deserved to go to Barna Encendida.


Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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