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it updates your Web when you want


without quotas of maintenance nor surprises


adapted Webs to mobiles and tablets


put designed Webs to occupy 1º in Google


Hosting and domain free during the first year

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mobiles and tablets



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Everything is advantages

Autogestionables Webs
It updates your Web as long as you want, without having programming knowledge. We give to formation when finalizing the project you.

Payment enough
Without quotas of maintenance nor surprises.

All the devices
We develop Webs that adapt perfectly to be visualized in mobiles and tablets.

Positioning SEO
We use tools of positioning in Google including in the price and all our works. 

Hosting and domain free
For the first year, we free of charge offer the hiring to you of hosting with SSL Let's Script, backups every 24 hours and a free domain to choose for the project of your webpage. 

What we do

From Disseny BCN we have a principle, that your Web is an effective tool for the growth of your business. For it we created webpages that project a professional image, serious and attractive of your company in Internet, transferring to the visitor a confidence that manages to be translated in sales and/or requests of information.

As much the design as the functionality of the Web is basic elements at the time of the development of the site, facilitated the use of the Web to the visitor in such a way that this one can move of a simple and effective way by all the site, for that reason created a design professional Web

Your Web will be the neuralgic element where to center your business or company in Internet, and to project there in his different variants from marketing online so that everything always concentrates in your Web and the potential client it ends up arriving at your page. This one, will be designed of such way to increase the conversion in sales and to take to the client there where your you wish. 


How we do it

  • Why you want a Web: First fundamental question and, is necessary to know clearly “why”, which motivates to you to have a webpage and what objectives you have with her. For it we took that idea and we helped you to decide that development is adapted for your company or business.
  • Idea and study: When we know clearly so that you want a Web, it is necessary to identify your clients, to study the market niche, to develop a business structure that once put in practice helps decidedly in the growth of your business in Internet. 
  • Corporative image: We adapt the design of the webpage taking into account the corporative image of your company or creating it from 0 if outside precise. We always add to ingredients and elements that fortify that corporative image and transfer confidence in the brand of the company.
  • Development: Depending the objectives, market and concept of the Web, we realised a design professional Web through different platforms as WordPress, Joomla! or Prestashop. Effective tools with which we took working for years.


Strategic plan, step by step

Once accepted the budget, we worked with a protocol, a strategic plan with which to develop to a website from the origin to the delivery and formation of the same. Next you can inquire into the plan:

Corporative image (optional)

If outside necessary we realised the design of corporative image of the company: corporative logo, colors, commercial name….

Preliminary study SEO

After knowing so that you want the webpage and to meet your potential client, we realised a preliminary study of your niche of market focused to search engine optimization, SEO. This way we identified how a potential client is looking for what your you offer and thus to focus the structure and content of the site.

To contract Hosting and Dominio

In the case that you do not have contracted domain or hosting, we offer both without cost in the first year, to begin to develop your Web without worrying to you about technical subjects. 

On the hiring of the domain SEO is based originally on the preliminary study that we developed, to value if to be able to use a free domain in the strategy of organic positioning. You can see more information here.

To adapt and To personalize Diseño

We adapt your corporative image to the design of the webpage, personalizing it and doing it yours so that it has relation to the 100% with your company: logo, bottoms, typographies, structure, photographies, products…

To create Structure Web

We create the skeleton of the site using for it the data collected in the knowledge of his company, niche of market, line of product or services and preliminary study SEO.
We are useful to include the legal warning, map of the site, policy of cookies and policy of privacy, to totally fulfill the effective law in Spain.

To add Content

The content is the king, is the moment for adding texts, basic element for the search engine optimization and the conversion of objectives. He is key for the operation of the page, us provides it the client or this one for want of time or knowledge, asks for the writing to us of contents for the Web

To create External Building Link, SEO

Thanks to our experience and years in the sector, we counted on a network of sites to create a strategy of effective Building Link that helps to that the Web positions more and better in finders. Including in the price. More information here.

Formation and Gives

All our Webs can be updated without programming knowledge. Therefore we offer actual formation in our facilities or via Telematics to update the content of the Web.
It is then when we give to delivery of the documentation of the site with all the passwords and accesses: post office, hosting, statistics, administration Web, etc.


Visit our realised Webs

Visit our portfolio Web and verifies the works carried out to date

To see portfolio Web

To ask for Information

Basic information on protection of data: The person in charge of the treatment is Enrique Manuel Camba Godoy. The purpose is to manage and to take care of the requests of information and/or consultations that the users of this form of attention to the client send to us. Data to third parties will not be yielded, except legal obligation. It must right to accede, to rectify and to suppress data, as well as other rights. It can consult the additional and detailed information on protection of data in this CONNECTION.

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