All our projects leave from a design adapted for mobiles and tablets, without additional cost.

Before 2013…

During years we developed Webs for tablecloth equipment and of parallel way we formed a movable Web for those users who ventured themselves to sail by the network. This type of visitors could accede to the movable Web, a site with much more usability than the version, that allowed to see the page them of a more comfortable way. In other cases only there was an only version Web for any device.


From 2013…

But he is since the end of 2012 and principles of 2013 when we began to develop sites in format RESPONSIVE, a design Web that adapts perfectly to movable devices and tablets. The times have changed and in our study we have also done it, adapting us to the standards and contributing in each of our works an adaptive design to the device from which the site visualizes. The page adapts aesthetically to the size of the screen that is visualizing the Web, fitting the sections, images, menus, etc, so that to sail through a mobile it is not to see the same content but ordered problem of comfortable and much more functional way, with a single finger, from top to bottom. 

Therefore, all our projects that we initiated leave from origin with a design movable Web and tablet, without having to invest nothing else, we offer a quality product that is visible and functional independently from where it is being visited, increasing to the conversion, falling the rate by ricochet and improving the corporative image of the company, and everything with an extra investment of 0 €.


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