Component design Web automobile

Component design Web automobile
05 Julio

A greeting, we presented our last work to you, one complete webpage of components of the automobile leader of search engine optimization in its niche of market.


We know that “it does not serve much as” a webpage that does not appear in the first positions of Google when it looks for reason why this offers, the pick up of new clients through the searches are reduced. This it is not the case of our last finalized project. occupies 1º put in Google in more than 10 direct terms search of its niche of market as in “repair of turbos”, and in 1ª page of Google in other 15 terms search, in difficult and more and more competitive surroundings as they are the components of automobiles.


In this project we have including great amount of sections with data, references, brands of components and automobiles, models, etc. For it we have used several tools, one of them is to accede to that information being filtered it by brands of automobiles and manufacturers of components, as well as the product type (modules ABS, Turbocompressors, etc.).

The information of the Web is destined as much to professionals of the automobile as recambistas, factories and transactions, as to individuals.

Corporative image

One of the things that we have insisted on this project, is to arm a corporative image around the page, since the one that was did not generate confidence as if it does once works with him. This has caused an increase of work, improves of the brand and coverall, confidence in the company.



Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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