Development of webpages for companies of events

Development of webpages for companies of events
19 Abr

Throughout these years we could have had the possibility of being creating sites to different companies and specializing to us in different niches of business online, very different to each other, but between those from the same sector they have common elements that we already know and he facilitates the development to us of the sites.

This has happened to us to the webpages for companies of events, from Webs of limousines, to pages of goodbyes or as a single person unmarried, happening through events for thematic companies, dinners, risoterapia or even tapersex.

Not only we have developed to the pages Webs of that type of companies, have created from the corporative image, cartelería, labels of the establishment etc, are giving form of the hand of the client of the image of its company as much online as offline, taking as reference the spirit from the company and to that goes directed the services.


Development of webpages of limousines and cars of luxury

Limousines Gaudí, Hummer BCN, Luxury Cars or Premium Limusinas Madrid are some of the companies that are trusting us for the development Web of their page of limousines and cars of luxury. We know for years the sector the limousines and its different types from client. We have been in charge of the corporative image of some companies before mentioned, as well as the development of its site, search engine optimization or campaigns of publicity in Google Adwords.  

To know deep way the sector has helped us to create websites of limousines from zero being thought the SEO and the searches that the users use to find our clients, which entails to obtain a high rate of satisfaction of our clients, since their expectations are fulfilled coverall in conversions and sales of services.

Our relation is so, that we were even in charge of the logo of the Catalan Associació of constituted Limusines recently more of a year.


Design Web pages of goodbyes and as a single person unmarried

Our work as developer of websites has also concentrated within the world of the events, in the design of the webpages of goodbyes and as a single person unmarried of the companies Despidalia, Resacón in, Accidental Events and Medieval Poblado, all Webs of reference in the world of the goodbyes in its area of geographic influence. 

These companies offer all type of services, including those of limousines, reason why already we have experience and we extrapolated it to the Webs of goodbyes. In these companies before mentioned we have been in charge of the design Web, logo and corporative image, as well as the one of search engine optimization, obtaining among others things that Despidalia is between the 5 more important of Spain and without a doubt number 1 in in “goodbyes”, “original goodbyes”, “dismissed as a single person” or “dismissed to”, all of them terms search with much competition but that has not been problem in locating the Web in leader of the sector geolocalizado in, thanks to a work continued in search engine optimization and a continuous improvement of the site.


Webpages of activities of events 

At the same time as webpages for goodbyes or other events, we have developed sites of individual activities for goodbyes, some of them obtaining results very very competitive being reference in all Spain in its activity. Some companies that are trusting the development of their corporative image, logo, design Web, etc, as they are Bubble Football (nº1 in Spain) and Bubble Football, Tapersex (nº1 in Spain) and Tuppersex, Risa Floja or Post Eat, all of them related to activities of events as soccer bubble, meetings of tuppersex, risoterapia or activities for companies. 


Design Web of thematic dinners

Thematic dinners as it also leaves from a company of events have been one of our specialties in the last years, as it is the company Cenalia with his Web of Cenalia Madrid or the close one to Cenalia at the moment in construction, in addition to indicated above the Eat Post specialized in dinners for companies.



For that reason if it has a company of events and it needs a webpage that fulfills its expectations, independent of if it needs logo, campaign of adwords or positioning Web, does not doubt in contacting with us, since Disseny BCN can perfectly act as of partner online in its project of events thanks to ours expanded demonstrable experience in this so competitive sector in Google.



Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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