Which is the new source of the logo of Google?

Which is the new source of the logo of Google?
02 October

The 1 of September of the 2015, the Google company presented its new logo, a thought redesign to adapt to all the platforms and new users who use their products. The reason is to try to extend the identity of Google reflecting a new reality: the use that now we give products of this company every time is more and, in addition, they can be used in all type of devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.). From Disseny BCN, design company Web in we told you what is the new source of the logo of Google.

In order to adapt the new logo of Google to all the devices, it has had to as much work with the pixels of the image so that the great screens as smallest they see of clear and clear form the new design. The letter typology that was used previously was Sans Serif but, now, with the change it is used Future, a typesetter proposal of Paul Renner who sent itself in 1927.


Although, if we looked of detailed form we can see that the typography is not exactly Future, as you can see next:


The Future typography is not as geometric as we can see in this example. Google has decided to show it thus, of a symmetrical and very geometric way, to give an aspect of mathematical precision.

In this new logo, Google has made subtle and very interesting changes that adapt perfectly to this new image which they want to show the public. We are going to examine them better to understand the change that the giant of Internet has done with the Future typography.


In what the new logo is different from Google of Future?

Next, we are going to analyze the differences that there are in the new logo of Google and how this one would see if, really, it used the Future typography. The new design uses showy colors whereas the design de futuro usually shows preference for clearer colors.

Although in this logo, most outstanding it is the great “G” that it is now the base of favicon of Google.

The changes that have done are the following:

The crosspiece of the G is a little more stop and longer, this causes that the logo is looked more like a smile. In addition, when more open being also it is made more legible for the smallest devices.

The opening of the G is more open. Again, this causes that the form is friendlier when it sights and, also, that are more legible in all the sizes.

Now we will analyze the “e” since also it has some significant changes. As we can see, the crosspiece inclines upwards, something that is typical in the fonts more “humanist”.

Also we see as the “e” has a greater opening, something than it causes that the image that offers to the user is of an outburst of laughter (while the “e” of Future seemed, rather, a smile).

Finally, the “g” does not descend too much below the basic line in which the logo is formed. This, probably, is thought to balance the design. Also we must give account us that the end of the “g” inclines one little, this does, once again, that the final result is friendlier and legible.

The “L” also is shorter than in the previous design and, this, probably is to form the balance of the logo.


The source of the new logo of Google


Many people ask themselves on which it is the source of the new logo. To be exact we must indicate that Google is not using a concrete source but shows a customized design, something that a great company as Google can be allowed without no kind of problem.

So not: there is no source of Google. Although, yes that is certain, that this new logo is based on Sans Product. This source you cannot use it for your products or your company because, as it indicates the license of the source:

Google offers many sources in terms of open code. This is not one of them. Please, it sees www.google.com/fonts.

With this Google it is indicating to us that you have to your disposition many sources available but that exactly the one that he uses, is not open for public use.

The Sans source clearly is influenced by Future but also you will see differences between both. The major is in the “a” since the new version is thought to avoid that there is a presence too much to circulate in the source:


There is no one “to” in the logo of Google but this is a difference that also we can see in the “e” that the new proposal us the inclined sample:


There are other sources are looked like the logo of Google? 

A source exists that can be considered as the original one of Google but, are others, that can also be resembled the new logo as source SF New Republic with the great similarity to the original one. Here we showed a comparison to you:

Aside from Future and SF New Republic, the logo of Google also is looked like Pro (although it has a smaller height remarkably). There are people who also have affirmed that the new logo is looked like Sans Comic, but is clear that they do not know what they say. Windlesham Pro also is a source near the new design of Google.

This article has been developed taking information from for Design Hackers.

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