Consultancy SEO

In Disseny BCN in addition to developing to sites always thinking about the positioning Web of the same, given our experience in the sector we offer our services as consultancy SEO. To decide on this modality of consultant's office is tremendously useful, since we solve at the same moment of the meeting the great majority of doubts that arise around the deficiency of organic positioning in finders. In addition, in return we give the instructionses to him precise and opportune to revert that situation and that the Web improves in the results search. If therefore it wished it, we would give a detailed report to him of the same.


Improvement of results

In many occasions in spite of having a webpage of our affability this one does not offer the results and the considered conversions of sales. We analyze his Web and we informed to him into as they are the reasons by which its site does not offer the awaited return to him.


Analysis of projects 

This consultation in particular him can save much money, since we will help him to focus its business online of a way or another one. Count us that project has thought and that wishes to develop in Internet, always with the guarantee of absolute confidentiality of our study, we will give ours more sincere opinion him, giving an approach different from his outside necessary project if, indicating weak strength to him and of the same, and what would be the line of action if it were a project that we were executing. After the meeting it will leave with the ideas clearer than it wants to do, as raising it, that strategy to follow or if really must do it from our opinion. 


Improvement of corporative image and confidence

One of the keys in the world online, is the image that our business shows in Internet and the basic elements of confidence that we projected towards our potential clients. We review its page and we informed into the deficiencies as far as corporative image and confidence to him, and that elements would be suitable to include to fortify both.


Comparative analysis and of competition

By market niche, geographic area, commercial line or defense of its interests, always are advisable to realise a comparative analysis and with the competition, being valued and comparing the sites to clarify what strength has the competition and what weak it is necessary to reinforce. 


Improvement of usability of the website

To have an aesthetically nice website is not it everything, that is easy to sail by the same, acceding to a section or another one, taking to the client there where you wish is the best way to turn into sales. Therefore we will review its website to find weakness of the same, in what sections lose and coverall, how to improve all this so that the visitor arrives there where you wish you am easier, fast and comfortable.


To ask for Information

Basic information on protection of data: The person in charge of the treatment is Enrique Manuel Camba Godoy. The purpose is to manage and to take care of the requests of information and/or consultations that the users of this form of attention to the client send to us. Data to third parties will not be yielded, except legal obligation. It must right to accede, to rectify and to suppress data, as well as other rights. It can consult the additional and detailed information on protection of data in this CONNECTION.

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