How to leave first in Google

How to leave first in Google
08 June

10 useful advice to appear in the first positions of google without dying in the attempt

The question of the million Euros, which all that a webpage has wants to know, the trick by which some would kill. Yes, to leave first in Google is the desire of many, especially when our business or project online is handled in a scope very competed, the bad news is that there is no an only trick, a magic act that helps to obtain it us.

In order to do it is needed it strategy, hard and constant work, in addition to studying with magnifying glass the analysis tools to identify the success and harnessing improvements. You feel something lost in this way? In Disseny BCN we give 10 useful advice you to leave in the first positions of Google without dying in the attempt, kind!


  1. It identifies the keywords that interest to you to position with your Web being used tools as the planner of keywords of Google Adwords. In addition it is important to know clearly the keywords of each one of the contents that you publish in your Web as well as the competition of results that there are for them. A fast form to obtain is observing it the suggestions that to us Google does when we looked for in his bar of searches, because this is the form in which the users look for, the results that are offered is the amount of content available created with those keywords. To more containing created more competition, for that reason it reviews the Webs that appear in the first places and ponte as it puts to publish something that is far beyond it.

  2. Perhaps it generates quality content that is 100% original one, the copied content is generated easier but your positioning is penalized by Google affecting. More bond to invest to time doing original and good publications that plagiarizing contained as well we explained here.

  3. Assure to you that what you publish contains the keyword that you want to position in the first paragraph of the content and at least some two or three times more within the text. The density of keyword does not have to be greater to 3%.

  4. The extension of articles matters. Although Google suggests are of at least 300 words, the reality is that the changes of algorithm favor that the first most extensive content and of quality is positioned that brief and the concise one, for that reason the recommendation ascends to 500 words by text when it is content that deserves it.

  5. It adds to your articles I always connect to other excellent Webs but taking care of that are nofollow. In addition it is important that you use internal liaisons to your own articles that are tie with the publication to maintain to the reader during more time in your Web, which affects the positioning of favorable form. The connections to home or searches are not recommended not to consider themselves of quality.

  6. Assure as much to you that the title as the content description that you publish includes the Keyword that you wish to position and is attractive for the reader. You do not forget that this is first that will see of you and must invite to the click.

  7. It obtains good referrals placing connections to your Web not only in pages of tie weight with the subject but also in the social networks. Whatever more times have been shared and published your connection more presence you will have in the Web, more visits you will obtain and therefore better positioning you will have. Google detects if we are influential and awards the opinion and visits of the readers.

  8. Assure to you that the speed of load of your Web is adapted and that the engineering specifications of Google are fulfilled. A good tool to evaluate it is PageSpeed Insights, a tool of Google that measures the yield of your Web in the movable version and of computer. The ideal is to obtain a result superior to 80/100, if you do not have it the best thing is to follow the indications that Google gives you to improve the aspects that consider essential.

  9. It enters Google Analitics and it analyzes your statistics frequently. It is very important to know who is your public, how many seen pages have obtained each publication, from where come the users, what social networks offer the best results to you and which is the content more seeing of your Web to realise strategies that allow you to harness the results.

  10. Once you have determined all this dedicates to you to improve the most powerful content, to create content related to those keywords, to work the social networks that more visits give you and to improve the dwell times of the user in your Web being offered to him the possibility of sailing by related content that is of their interest.



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