Clinic SEO 2018 in eShow

Clinic SEO 2018 in eShow
16 Mayo

The past 11 of April I had occasion to be present in the Clinic SEO developed in the surroundings of eShow in its edition 2018. Throughout the day of clinic there was a permanent constant in almost all its rapporteurs, crawling, since that was the thematic one of clinic.  Ever since I could attend in 2016 the edition of SEOPlus in Alicante, I stated that crawling is key for the success of a project Web as far as positioning in Google.

What is crawling?

Crawling is the route and tracking of the spiders of Google by the webpages. Through crawling Google it indexes in his finder the content that finds in the network. It is work of the SEO's to tell him as and how we want that our sites track the spiders of Google to optimize resources and to harness some keywords or others. For few years crawling it is comprising active of the tasks of which we dedicated ourselves of one or the other way to search engine optimization, since it is an effective tool to improve results.

In the following graph that I accompany we have an example of one of our clients in whom among others improvement activities, a controlled tracking is realised and causes that in some months its visibility in Google raises.



Clinic SEO 2018

The communications of the Clinic SEO 2018 realised first swords of the SEO at national level, professionals resisted with great trajectory as Eduardo Garolera, Iñaki Huerta or Miguel Mascual (Kico).

I want to emphasize the contribution of Luis Villanueva, if this one existed a Superman of the SEO without a doubt would be Luis, for my one of best the SEO's of Spain without a doubt, a crack of whom all we learn every day and of which I have had the luck to see in action a pair of times.

Other two great rapporteurs that I have been long time following and that finally I had occasion to learn of them in person, were Arturo Marimon and Sico de Andres, two cracks with many years of experience and knowledge, each with their style but both always with things that to contribute.



Encounter in the Clinic SEO 2018

In addition to learning more on crawling to put it in practice in our projects and those of the clients, at personal level, I had the pleasing surprise to enjoy re encounter two great companions, Carlos Ortega and Bernie Torras, both professionally began in the development Web and SEO in our agency and was very touching to find us again after as much time. I feel very proud of its trajectories since I saw grow professionally and now they are in great national agencies.

Of right to left: Enrique Camba, Carlos Ortega and Bernie Torras


Next year we will return to the Clinic SEO and I hope in this occasion to be ex- companion Carlos of rapporteur and power to learn of him. Always betas!

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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