Keys for the design of a store online

Keys for the design of a store online
25 Mayo

There is nor no the minimum doubt on the matter: every time they are plus the clients who cheer up to realise their purchases online, not only in niches as the technological clothes or accessories but even in the branch of products of massive consumption as foods or products of hygiene. We want and we needed more time to do what like and we wished we to spend less time in the physical stores, for that reason the purchase online has become the perfect solution for those who, for already much, several of their daily subjects with a single click solve.


But it is very clear that the internauts are not prepared to buy in any business online, want one that generates confidence to them, that can take care of to them if it is necessary to change or to give back the product, that can offer the same endorsement to them that they would have in a physical store.

In Disseny BCN we have these very clear aspects for that reason we always took them into account at the time of initiating the design of a store online, understanding not only the specifications of our clients but also the needs of the buyers. What look for they? , in our experience these are some of the keys for the design of a store online that never must be ignored:

  1. To develop a simple and friendly design that it allows the user to move easily by the Web and to find what looks for.
  2. To have at the disposal of the buyer a good product catalogue suitably categorisen that allows him to arrive easily at them. To find the midpoint is very important then if you publish few products you will give the impression to count on a poor service, but you have products in excess you could oppress to the visitor during its search.
  3. It thinks that when the purchase is online is required of more information. A card of the product detailing all the specifications of the same is fundamental, for that reason each must be explained in detail and considering the SEO to position the terms it nails that they interest to us.
  4. The product must have good photos that are varied and that allow the client to observe well what is going to buy.
  5. He is indispensable to offer several methods of payment as well as different types from shipment who adapt to the needs of each client.
  6. You always must offer a telephone or contact email or to define an area of attention to the client in your Web, in this way you will leave very clearly your business is arranged to take care of any claim or return that can appear.
  7. It is very important to generate an image of confidence in the store online that it invites, completely, to buy. Nobody would buy in a physical business with bad dot in which us of the sensation of which who take care of it they are not of FIAR. The same happens with the businesses online, to generate confidence is fundamental.

Once you have carried out all these keys for the design of a store online, you do not forget one of the most important aspects: to use the tools available to monitor your website, to measure the yield and to determine the rate of conversion. It is important to know how many people visit to you, how many they buy and how many they return again, thus you will only be able to settle down strategies that help to grow and to maintain your store afloat you online successfully.

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