Chromebook, new the portable one of Google by less than 200€

Chromebook, new the portable one of Google by less than 200€
20 October

Google has presented new the Samsung Chromebook, a portable one with operating system Chrome OS that emphasizes by its price, less than 200€ and than at present only it can be acquired in the USA and UK.

Google hard continues betting by its operating system Chrome OS, strengthens its trade relation with Samsung, people in charge of range Galaxy de Android, and therefore offers to the powerful, light, a thin one market portable, with a screen of 11.6 inches and coverall, cheap.

Of that way it wants to arrive Google at all type from public, as it demonstrates the video that there is next: students, third age, people without resources, but coverall and as nexus of union of all these types of clients: beginner. 

Google tries that their computers are the first computer of much people, good policy since they will be accustomed to its operating system that is executed in the cloud, to its mobility, autonomy (up to 6.5 hours), to the low cost and the rapidity of ignition (in 10 seconds working). They want to educate new consumers and for it they choose by some low prices, I believe that it is a right policy to open market.

With time we will see if the computers of Google have capacity between the hegemony of Microsoft, the unstoppable growth of Apple and other minority ones as Linux.

Finally to say that Google will offer free of charge to the buyers of this portable account of 100 GB of space in the cloud of Google Drive during 2 years, we do not know if later they will have to scratch the pocket.

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