Chat online free in Joomla

Chat online free in Joomla
05 January

As free installing a chat online in Joomla.

In the today article I want to explain to you as installing a chat online as which you have in this Web of gratuitous way in your Joomla.

For it we will use a called application Zopim. It is really a chat online that can be mounted in almost any CMS, I I have seen it working in Magento, Prestashop and Joomla! , but I am certainly can also settle in WordPress, Drupal, etc. For more information of how making it in other platforms consult in another window.

All we know the important thing that it is to be available, reason why the chat online can be a very interesting tool to respond of a fast way to a potential client and to close a sale/work.

In the first place to say that Zopim tells you on several modalities, following your needs and of the amount of use that you are going to give him is necessary to decide on a payment version or to enjoy it gratuitous way. Nothing else to register they give you free to you 15 days of the payment version, later you happen to the gratuitous version, already you know, so that you prove and resentments.

First you must register you in the page of Zopim where they will give a called authentication code you “Zopim you go”, there you will register the domain where the chat will be lodged. The gratuitous version only admits a domain by account/e-mail.

With your you go under the arm we go away to the Web of extensions of Joomla, where we will find plugin gratuitous of a called company We unloaded it and we installed the version that interests to us, to date of this article is plugins for the versions of Joomla 1,5, 2,5 and 3.x.

In the configuration of plugin we found several squares, “username” and “Password”, where we will include the user and password with which we have registered in Zopim. Once introduced these two fields if we click in the button “Get Widget Id”, it will show the “Zopim to us you go” if we did not know it, we will need it to introduce it in the field with the same name that there is in plugin.

Once fact this and acceding through we will be able to accede to backend of the chat, where we have option to realise things among others:

  • To change the colors of the chat (of payment).
  • To change the messages of welcome, etc.
  • To assign to departments/agents to the chat.
  • Statistics in real time of the number of visitors.
  • Historical of conversations and a copy of the same.

And if I am not available in the chat? There is no problem, when you are offline the form of the chat becomes a form of traditional contact and you receive an e-mail with the information that makes you arrive, you do not lose at no moment that message.

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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