Inverse way, of the store online to the physical store

Inverse way, of the store online to the physical store
11 Dic

A long time ago it wanted to write on certain businesses that have done the common inverse trip to or the traditional thing: they have left from a store online and when this one has been successful they have been decided to mount a physical store.

The most significant case is, veteran company leader in electronic article Internet for sale. But for this article I have wanted to take as example to a much more modest company and that itself since it was created by professional curiosity, one is My Devils of Cerdanyola of the Vallès,, a store of original clothes for babies and niñ@s, that has known to be placed in the market, to generate brand and to sell a different and different product.

My Devils began their walking in Internet in January of 2010 and in July of that year they already made the decision to have physical store. In 2012 they shift position to a new attractive and much more commercial store, counting on up to 4 employees.

The great work of Marian, the proprietor, to position its page in Internet of a tenacious way and to present it, to bet almost by a product of sale with a niche of very interesting market and without competition, have given as fruit that more than 700 people daily visits the Web and that this one has become the economic motor of its business, being the “culprit” of 70% of the total invoicing.

Because it is possible, if, it is possible to live on Internet and not to die firmly in the attempt, betting by a product of quality, different and attractive, to materialize an original idea, although for it have had search suppliers international level, to create original and funny designs, and even in many of the cases of making they themselves the products that sell. 

They have competition, from the Toasting, lies down online unquestionable leader of t-shirts in Spain, to chains as HM in his infantile line, everyone offer products similar although nonequals to those of My Devils, where they continue innovating and creating new line of business, as it is the launching of a line of pacifiers with the best designs of My Devils, hoping of having in 2014 up to 150 different models. 

To My Devils the fact to have a physical store supposed an increase to them of sales in the store online, since having a physical location it offers to the buyer a sensation to him of more guarantees of purchase, knows to that it is buying to him and if it has a problem is a business behind, and in the purchases online the factor of the confidence is key. If there is physical store the buyer understands that a suitable after-sales service exists. I do not say that the stores online do not have it, or that do not offer the same after-sales services that the physical establishments, but for the buying coverall noninitiated in purchases online, this fact is very considered and it gives more guarantees him. 

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.

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