Corporative blogs - Creation and maintenance

Why a corporative blog?

One of the keys of search engine optimization, is that the Web is a site that is updated continuously, an alive page that offers content of quality and interest to the network. After the changes realised in the algorithm of Google as much in 2012 as in 2013, it has been demonstrated plus the necessity that the sites have a blog or section of the news with updates within the same webpage.


  1. Improvement of image name brand. The appreciation of the visitor increases and therefore the corporative image of its company.
  2. Improvement of positioning in Google. The update of the content of the site is a key element in the improvement of organic positioning in finders
  3. Pick up of potential clients. Possibility of catching potential clients that they look for information in finders and they find his blog, that it shares subjects with the services that the Web proposes.
  4. Increase of visits. By the improvement of positioning and the entrance to the Web of more information, it increases of gradual way the number of visits to the webpage.

What we offer to him

We create and we updated blogs in his website. The news or contributions to the blog are original 100%, or you write up and written, thematic or specialized in the niche of market of their company.

For it as part of the equipment of Disseny BCN, we counted on editors and bloggers of quality to offer services to him of writing of contents for his blog. We offer article packages of subjects related to its professional activity, to improve each one of the 4 indicated points previously.

Once we wrote up, add directly that content in their blog or section of the news, without you must worry don't mention it. Or if he prefers it, we can send articles to him in the decided times.

We accompany texts with free images by rights or photographies that you contribute to us.

With the established regularity we will inform into the titles/subjects that we are going to write and/or to publish in its website, having hoped on the other hand, if therefore he wishes it, precise indications to him than he wants that he writes up himself for you.

To ask for Information

Basic information on protection of data: The person in charge of the treatment is Enrique Manuel Camba Godoy. The purpose is to manage and to take care of the requests of information and/or consultations that the users of this form of attention to the client send to us. Data to third parties will not be yielded, except legal obligation. It must right to accede, to rectify and to suppress data, as well as other rights. It can consult the additional and detailed information on protection of data in this CONNECTION.

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