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In our blog we told to new features related to the surroundings Web you (Joomla! , SEO, WordPress, computer science etc), curiosities, undertaking and businesses online. From time to time we have the opportunity to deceive some guru of Internet so that pass this way and answers a pair to us of questions dedicated to the improvement of independent the enterprise objectives of and SMEs, that see in the network the means where to live.

We read ourselves!

I am very happy for announcing our last work, the official Web of the writer Rosa Ribas. An honor has been everything to develop the website of a writer to who personally I read and itself for a long time.

As each of our projects Web, we make a preliminary study and we looked for an option that fits with the taste of the client and with the type of page that is needed. To the being a Web focused in a writer and her works, we chose to develop to a site with format blog, coverall so that the readers of Rosa Ribas could be abreast of all the new features surroundings to the writer, its works and the black novel, literary sort where Rosa Ribas has become well-known. 

Google Academies in 2014

As I had occasion in 2012 and that I explained in that occasion, I have returned to have the opportunity to attend a new event of Google Academies in 2014, where you have the opportunity to acquire knowledge around the advertising platform number one of Internet, Google Adwords.

To the salary gone to two events of this type, inevitably you fall in the comparison and in this case they are odious, since the used times, exposition and objectives differ much to each other.

I have had the luck to do a series to him of questions to Franck Scipion and that it had to or answering them luxury of details yet, since or it recently did the good one of Álex Navarro. I have used the same questions for both, this way we can value the different great strategies that these gurús of the undertaking online offer to the vocational entrepreneur or the forced one by the circumstances.

Franck Scipion is everything a referring one in the formation of entrepreneurs, creator of Lifestyle To the Squared one, shares through its blog proven strategies, tactics and tools to transform your passion into a business. He does not scrimp details in informing into whichever desire to the month through his services online, which stimulates its followers to follow its steps. You can score at a course free or follow it through Facebook or Twitter.


Best Álex Navarro is considered one of the SEO than he has in Spain, he takes more than ten years in the world and this year gained an international contest of search engine optimization, whose prize, 3,000 Euros, it completely appointed charities of his locality of residence, Alicante. 

He takes to years forming legions of followers through his blog, where he tells to tricks and own experiences to help to harness our businesses in Internet.

Person of reference for many of which we dedicated ourselves to at sign, has known to conjugate as anybody the creation of contacts online and offline, offering her help to that needs it. He is an expert in search engine optimization, businesses and marketing online, evangelist of dropshiping founded Dropalia and as it does not stop, now is rolling it fat with Quondos. To had kindness to answer some of our questions for this blog.

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