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In our blog we told to new features related to the surroundings Web you (Joomla! , SEO, WordPress, computer science etc), curiosities, undertaking and businesses online. From time to time we have the opportunity to deceive some guru of Internet so that pass this way and answers a pair to us of questions dedicated to the improvement of independent the enterprise objectives of and SMEs, that see in the network the means where to live.

We read ourselves!

Throughout these years we could have had the possibility of being creating sites to different companies and specializing to us in different niches of business online, very different to each other, but between those from the same sector they have common elements that we already know and he facilitates the development to us of the sites.

This has happened to us to the webpages for companies of events, from Webs of limousines, to pages of goodbyes or as a single person unmarried, happening through events for thematic companies, dinners, risoterapia or even tapersex.

Google Academies in 2016


A year we have gone more to Google Academies in Barcelona, as already it happened in editions of 2012 and 2014, this year 2016 touched Google Academies, to bring up to date themselves at present of Adwords and to renew the certifications of knowledge to continue being Google Partner.

In this occasion the formation was developed in the facilities of the Ajuntament ofBarcelona Activa, in carrer Llacuna, next to Glòries, anything that to indicate on the matter, perhaps that to enter and to leave the seats you had to make wonders.

As always the concurrence mainly marketeros online and compatible specimens, we went with desire to learn something new and interesting, always betas. That did not fill as other times was my impression, although the room cannot be shelp that she was empty.

The 1 of September of the 2015, the Google company presented its new logo, a thought redesign to adapt to all the platforms and new users who use their products. The reason is to try to extend the identity of Google reflecting a new reality: the use that now we give products of this company every time is more and, in addition, they can be used in all type of devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.). From Disseny BCN, design company Web in we told you what is the new source of the logo of Google.

In order to adapt the new logo of Google to all the devices, it has had to as much work with the pixels of the image so that the great screens as smallest they see of clear and clear form the new design. The letter typology that was used previously was Sans Serif but, now, with the change it is used Future, a typesetter proposal of Paul Renner who sent itself in 1927.

Internet has become the best form to arrive at our objective public, to extend our market and to be able to reach every time to more people without concerning the geographic location in which they are. But to obtain all that successfully it is fundamental to tell on an effective Web that it serves to harness our brand, business or the idea that we wished to present adequately.

It sounds easy, but us always he is simple to know what to have in account to create a webpage, for that reason from Disseny BCN, design company Web in, we revealed some aspects to you that never you must ignore when at the time of drawing up the first lineaments than, in the future, it will be your page online.

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