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In our blog we told to new features related to the surroundings Web you (Joomla! , SEO, WordPress, computer science etc), curiosities, undertaking and businesses online. From time to time we have the opportunity to deceive some guru of Internet so that pass this way and answers a pair to us of questions dedicated to the improvement of independent the enterprise objectives of and SMEs, that see in the network the means where to live.

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SiteGround it has returned to make, to mount an excellent event related to marketing, to invite rapporteurs of weight, attracting agencies and freelance of design Web and marketing online, and in addition donating the price to entreda, 10€ per person, to a NGO as the Vicente Ferrer Foundation you have cattle to me the heart! I am yours.

The past 11 of April I had occasion to be present in the Clinic SEO developed in the surroundings of eShow in its edition 2018. Throughout the day of clinic there was a permanent constant in almost all its rapporteurs, crawling, since that was the thematic one of clinic.  Ever since I could attend in 2016 the edition of SEOPlus in Alicante, I stated that crawling is key for the success of a project Web as far as positioning in Google.

Hello, a long time ago it did not pass me through the blog with an interview to an excellent entrepreneur of Internet, and would want to return to send these micro interviews of the hand of Alberto Bardo, CEO of Comfortable Footwear the Railroad, an entrepreneur who took the original family business from 1870, footwear specialized in footwear for people with problems in the feet, and at present it has been elevated in footwear online marking leader in the sector of this type of footwear in Spain, without forgetting physical footwear of street on foot that still conserves in Madrid.

The demand of professionals who know to develop webpages is every higher day. And it is not to be strange, because every day new ones to Internet are sent thousand of Web. Stores online, corporative or personal pages of company, blogs have turned the development Web into a great opportunity to grow as professional. You want to form in this field? There are several ways to do it. From learning by your account to making a professional master developing Web, these are some of the options to turn to you into developer of pages.

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