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In our blog we told to new features related to the surroundings Web you (Joomla! , SEO, WordPress, computer science etc), curiosities, undertaking and businesses online. From time to time we have the opportunity to deceive some guru of Internet so that pass this way and answers a pair to us of questions dedicated to the improvement of independent the enterprise objectives of and SMEs, that see in the network the means where to live.

We read ourselves!

Finally we wear for the first time webpage, although it is certain that the publication of a pair of sections is pending and to be polishing some cochair, the thickness of the page already is working to total yield.

We have had to wait for time enough to see the new webpage, since the service load during this year 2012 has been surprising and what it provides 2013 to us are all good omens, so we have stood and of October it did not happen. We hope that it follows thus.

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