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In our blog we told to new features related to the surroundings Web you (Joomla! , SEO, WordPress, computer science etc), curiosities, undertaking and businesses online. From time to time we have the opportunity to deceive some guru of Internet so that pass this way and answers a pair to us of questions dedicated to the improvement of independent the enterprise objectives of and SMEs, that see in the network the means where to live.

We read ourselves!

In the social networks there is a brilliant campaign circulating with a simple but impressive phrase: “Collection reason why I do not do, collection reason why I know. This reflection is very present especially in the world of the design and the professions that involve the creativity, a field that many people little continue looking as something serious, easy to learn or simple to realise.

It is not a secret for anybody, the movable devices they have become our right hand and they are always there for removing from doubts, to help to us to find what we looked for to us, to orient or to relax to you. Every time we do more and more searches from our mobile or Tablet in Internet, something that is no unnoticed past for the great one of the finders: Google.

As I already had occasion with the SEO Álex Navarro and with the training one of entrepreneurs Franck Scipion, I have had the privilege to interview for this blog to another one of these cracks of at sign of which as much we must learn, Ramón Fabregat. This way I want to offer to the reader different points of view to harness its business through Internet.

Ramón Fabregat is CEO of Web Service Manager, Top Contributor in the forums of Google Adwords, Google Regional Trainer and Google Partner, we go a cane! , everything a referring one to national level as far as the publicity of Google. 

From Disseny BCN we want to inform to all our clients of the positive changes that have taken place and are going to shortly happen in our study Web. Although the economic situation is not nothing buoyant for anybody, we took from 2009 in the sector and has arrived the moment for growing of a sustainable way, slowed down but it signs.

New facilities

The most important change that it has occurred recently, is the transfer from office to some new much more ample facilities and that were totally necessary for the project of growth of our study. This way we offer to our clients a much more comfortable space for its visits and a perfect place for the formation postweb

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