We attend the WordCamp 2016

We attend the WordCamp 2016
12 Dic

In Disseny BCN we lose neither one, so we attended the WordCamp 2016, an encounter that was realised in CosmoCaixa this 2 Friday and Saturday 3 of December, in two spectacular rooms, the audience and the room agora where they were become communications of 30 minutes, and it was possible to be chosen if to attend a technical or other the more focused communication the more the content of the Web, between many other thematic ones that was.


The communications in WordCamp 2016

As you know, WordPress is a very versatile CMS and a Web includes thousands of inputs to do it powerful: a good clean code and, a good structure, a good SEO on-page, a correct visualization, a powerful message, interesting content, a easy reading, adaptability to all the means, good “after-sales” technical support…

, The good thing of these conferences is well that they have touched all and each some of problematic of WordPress and each one of the prisms that a Web has that before I have numbered. It must be thankful for the organization, to the volunteers to hold us and coverall to the rapporteurs, that are a so ample content since they arm many, different all, to develop better a Web. Also it must to them thank for that they have made these communications without receiving, some which it has been asked to them, I hope that they were all.

There were also very interesting communications as the one of Fernando Tellado or the one of Andrés Cifuentes, where it was spoken on the ample community of WordPress and how we can contribute all, or contributing to translations, giving solutions in the forums, forming to new users and new professionals of WordPress. And funnier communications as those of Fernando Puente who noticed us of how to confront correctly to the decisions of the clients, who often we fear.


Who we attended the WordCamp 2016

There were assistants of all the profiles, programmers of plugins, consultants of marketing, designers frontend, training of WordPress, I discovered that he was called “swaggerers” to which we used groups of payment of WordPress, “shaping” to that program from WordPress, and that is certain duality of thought it enters how to use a WordPress correctly, but with the conclusion that no is better than another one, all has their shades, his benefits for some, lost of time for others, their costs, etc.

From these encounter many ideas removed, many new plugins to apply, as much gratuitous as of payment, many good practices, as the almost impossible task of documenting all the changes and to show them the client so that it takes brings back to consciousness of the changes, or the fact to use a single route of contact with the client, as much in channel as in the interlocutor, the review of errors, modifications, changes, etc.


The rapporteurs in the WordCamp 2016

All the rapporteurs were splendid, each with their nerves, some more, others without nerves no as Joan Boluda who explained of a very entendedora form how the membership Webs work, that as much like in this agency.

It is difficult to choose what was the best communication of the 18 that I attended, and that in the end requests that DES to you a name, but the truth is that, in which I was, I learned something new, 18 inputs new on WordPress.

In order to emphasize some communications: the one of “the importance of the content in your Web” of JuanKa Diaz, or the one that dealed with on the “Service life a WordPress project” of Fernando Puente (with a brilliant black humor) and the one of “the Great Línea Roja in the Community of Wordpress” of Luis Rull. I resist to decide if the communication of Joan Boluda were or not it better, by the simple fact that takes it very inside and it will have done it 10 times in 1 year, was of perfect execution, with an overwhelming energy, but to compare it with a Web, it would be hiper penalized by duplicated content. even so its message and its proposal were very interesting.

To try to explain on the content of the communications, in an article as this, is very difficult to me, because to synthesize he is not mine, but I can leave several phrases you that were heard as:
WordPress is community by nature” of Andrés Cifuentes, or “the secret of what a page of membership works is the certainty and the quality” of Joan Boluda, or the one of “Code is Poetry. and business” of Ruth Raventós, “You want to sell more? Because it stops selling” of the French Nicolás Audemar.

A very enriching experience, that as always tenth in our agency, helps us to be in beta version, always learning new things in a as dynamic sector as ours.

Bernie Torras

I am Bernie Torras, senior developer of Wordpress and Prestashop, like e-commerce focused as a salesman more of the company (focused to its main objective), but I want that this channel is the best salesman of the company.

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