Evento Adictos to Marketing 2018 in

Evento Adictos to Marketing 2018 in
28 Nov

SiteGround it has returned to make, to mount an excellent event related to marketing, to invite rapporteurs of weight, attracting agencies and freelance of design Web and marketing online, and in addition donating the price to entreda, 10€ per person, to a NGO as the Vicente Ferrer Foundation you have cattle to me the heart! I am yours.

The event Addict to Marketing is a version 2.0 of the Barna Encendida of whom we had opportunity to attend in 2016. But in this occasion the selected surroundings were the old factory of the Moritz beer in center of. A brilliant space, with good catering and facilities of first, even one around the communications and of the brand of the promoter of the event.

SiteGround is the organizer, the one that puts grazes, a supplier of hosting of Bulgarian origin that has entered with force Spain in the last years with a clear idea, to be to partner of hosting of the development agencies Web and marketing of the country, with WordPress as main ally. Independently where we have hostings of Disseny BCN, it is necessary to make clear that SiteGround has displaced to companies of lodging much more seated in the market, offering a good product and with a plan of excellent marketing as we spoke… 

Addict to Marketing, the event of marketing of the year in

Addict to Marketing it is of that we have been able to participate, the best event of marketing in. Although it is certain that monthly it is the Clinic SEO and especially annual of the Clinic the SEO of eShow, this one mainly is focused in SEO. Addict to Marketing it explores many more slopes of marketing online, creating interesting a thematic ecosystem in each of his editions.

The rapporteurs of Addict to Marketing in its edition 2018

In this edition of addict to marketing there is a clear division between the group, in the morning marketeros and in the afternoon after the food, SEOs almost all of them, originating of the Clinic SEO, that so good result is having in.

It is a taste that after the communications, in the rests and food, the rapporteurs are totally accessible to our consultations and doubts. A pity that Joan Boluda did not remain the rest of the event and that went after its participation in the same. The rest of rapporteurs was very amiable and I had the opportunity to speak almost with all, many of them already knew them in other events marketing. Everything a luxury. 

When the channel of youtube of SiteGround has raised the videos of the event, I will publish this post so that you can see them at the same time as you read the publication. 

Jose Ramón Padrón

José Ramón Padrón García (@monchomad) is the Country Manager Spain de SiteGround and was the presenter of the event. He is, to occupy since he occupies in a great company, very good people, intelligent and generous.

Its contribution was the one to speak of the company that represent, obvious, and the one to lead the event and the table of debate by far office.

Fernando Tellado and Fernando Puente

That we can say of these two monsters that do not know themselves, Fernando Puente (@fpuenteonline) expert in electronic commerce and mass media, and a weakness mine I must recognize it, with Fernando Tellado (@fernandot) “guilty” of the diffusion as anybody of WordPress in Spain with his necessary blog Help WP.

The Fernando's we could see them in action in a communication two-way, speaking of the optimization of the WooCommerce to improve his results, with clear and easy examples, without having to add plugins of by means. Very interesting as always to listen to them and to learn of them.

Laura Curto

Of the equipment of SiteGround us “they bring” this “woman who hides herself with mantel” who did not know, Laura Curto (@l_curto). It taught us the present ones how to develop an improvement of the client experience, a “Customer Experience Journey Mapping”.

In the round table, although the number of contributions was not ample, their arguments were very interesting and I believe that it did not enjoy the time that had interested to me, I hope that in the next one it can have it.

Max Camuñas

Expert in design Web, WordPress and especially with Divi, Max Camuñas (@maxcf), designer freelance Web of pages with hook, spoke of the creation of webpages, what is the strategy or mapping for the home of a project Web. Always interesting of how other professionals of the sector work. In person, an enchantment.

Joan Boluda

Doesn't Anybody know Joan Boluda? Many-sided salesman of its personal brand and marketing, entrepreneur generally hardened, creative of content without limit, spectacular rapporteur and vegano (nobody is perfect).

Joan Boluda (@joanboluda) spoke to us of what it is the strategy of Inbound Marketing that puts in practice and as always which we have possibility of listening to him, we learn a pile.

Eduardo Garolera

Habitual in the Clinic SEO, when I listen Eduardo Garolera (@egarolera) I always do it with attention, under the information that it transmits denotes experience and much wisdom SEO.

Eduardo spoke of the growth SEO to us based on contents, subject molón, with examples and tasks to realise, I remain with which shelp that he enchanted to me: “To know of SEO he is to know how itself to make the correct questions”. It is a taste to learn thus of people.

Jorge González

My first encounter with Jorge González (@kokebcn) was in a forum of Google at least 7 years ago and since then I have an admiration by the work that it develops. He is founding of several excellent agencies of SEO at national level, one of them with Edudardo Garolera, previous rapporteur and form starts off, in addition to the Clinic SEO, of other events related to search engine optimization.

Koke made us operate the head to all the presents with a vertiginous communication related to the searches by voice and as optimizing it in our projects. Koke is classic of the events a SEO and in addition it collaborates habitually with SiteGround. 

Marta Soler

It is the first time that listened Marta Soler (to @martasoler) and was a pleasure. The effective communication spoke to us where “the segmentation online is by motivations”. It gave to ideas and keys us of the strategy of the sale online of a product or service. I took very interesting notes in its communication.

Miguel Pacual

Another classic one of the SEO in, founder next to Jorge González of the Clinic SEO, Kico (@kicoes) explained in its communication many tools that he uses at the time to day, or for SEO, the management of its agency or the remote work. Many tools that already knew but many more than I took note and that certainly I will work with them. A very practical communication.

It is worth the trouble to go to Addict to Marketing in 2019?

Really after this post you are raising it to you? in serious? If it motivates marketing and you think as I who always you are beta, you do not have excuse not to go to the event of marketing of the year in. We see ourselves next year!

Enrique Camba

My name is Enrique Camba and I am a worker of network, constructing Internet from Disseny BCN. I feel like privileged person, I dedicate myself to which I like and I can live on it.
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