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Design professional Web appointed all type of companies, as much in size as by sector.

Others offer it, we we lived it. Our projects already are born to position themselves in Google.

We design virtual stores and e-commerce so that it sells more and better through Internet.

We develop to sites responsive, that adapt to mobile, desktop computers and tablets.

We adapt and we personalized the Web to its corporative image.

Sites with one structure clear, easy to sail and to understand, key to turn sales.

We work in equipment to improve his results in Internet


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Disseny BCN is a design company Web in, located in the locality of Montcada i Reixac, to 5 minutes of the count city, where we worked mainly for all type of SMEs and businesses in the province of, although also we have developed sites for clients of Madrid, Valencian Community, Andalusia, the Balearic Islands or Cantabria, not being a problem the distance between us and our clients.

Design Web

Company of design Web in

The Hosting company was created in 2009, although our equipment takes developing Webs from 2003. For this reason, we felt like prides very not only of to have prevailed in these times, but to have increased to the line of projects and personnel throughout these years, thanks mainly to the confidence that our clients have deposited in us and our work. Many of these clients with time have asked for one second webpage for other businesses or projects, and the great majority has recommended to us to third parties, that are what more work nourishes to our company of design Web.

In order to obtain some standard of quality we must be it jeopardize with our work and to think mainly about how our clients can obtain more benefits with the minimum of investment, if it goes to them either to them goes to us or. For that reason we worked in equipment, taking the best thing from each of us and to destine it of intense way in the interests of our clients, being sharpened the projects until we obtain the established optimal result in each of them.

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Another one of the fundamental aspects that they define to us is the professional and near deal with each of our clients during these years, without for that reason an apex of commitment and professionalism is lost nor, in the long run we do not make clients we make friendly, that so rotten saying we lived it in first person and we are very proud of it.

To the being a sector in continuous growth and evolution, we are always kind to the last new features in marketing online, development Web and search engine optimization. We formed of continued way and we underwent strategies in own projects for later after evaluating the results, to use the same strategies in the projects of our clients. This way we guaranteed results and we are compiling experience in each one of the works carried out.

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Whatsoever this, we are conscious that always there is more way to cross than the one that we have done, always betas, in this sector in continuous boiling has to go with these premises, to learn every day, to put it in practice and to improve the results of each of our works.

We think that our work not only concentrates in the design Web and/or positioning SEO, also preparing the best and cheap dedicated server once finalized our work we became partly of the professional team of our clients, we offer consultant's office to them continued in the advertising world online and traditional, we advised to them what advertising products of the market are most interesting in the promotion of their company and we solve whichever doubts to them arise to them in the scope in which we are familiarized.